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  1. So are we playing this Friday or wut?
  2. I'm usually online around 8 and 9 Pacific and I never see anyone on except IcyGuy. I'm down for any day at this or an earlier time. If its just 2 or 3 other guys its ok with me. Just let me know ahead of time.
  3. Bought Fable: The Lost Chapters. Don't expect to see me anytime soon.
  4. Sorry about not being on. My bro has been hogging the net all week. Lets all try to get on around 6 or 7 Pacific tomorrow. I got a new 27" TV which has helped my game immensly. The stereo lets me know what side people are shootimg me from and I can see far away enemies without zooming in. My first game I got so many kills and I was using the Gauss Warthog turret. I was practically sniping them now that I can actualy see them. Can someone make a list of who is who if their SN here is diffrent from their GamerTag?
  5. Keep bumping this thread when needed. Things should start up again as soon as people's finals are over.
  6. If your not gonna play Halo, then at least play Bankshot Billiards on Live Arcade. Its pretty fun and you can play custom music, too.
  7. I found out what broke. The outlet connected to my alarm clock shorted so no power could get to my tv and stuff. It'll probably take the reat of today to fix it but I'll definitly be on tomorrow.
  8. No Halo for me today. There was a short in my room and I have to wait until tomorrow to get it fixed. Well, at least it happened on a Friday. Theres no [as] today so I don't have record anything.
  9. Halo 2 shiro! Play until your fingers break!
  10. All the time I was online on my compy and my Xbox I didn't see anyone except for Shmop online. I'll be on as much a possible this weekend. So be on dammit!
  11. Guess who has the internet at home again.
  12. I don't have any access to high-speed internet anymore. My brother is moving out and he was paying for the internet service. Don't expect to see me on OCR either. If anything comes up I'll let you know.
  13. I have that shirt. Maybe when I go to the SoCal OCR meetup i should wear that shirt and repazent.Sorry about not being on recently. School has been an Absolut Bitch.
  14. http://halo2.junk.ws This is a very comprehensive site that displays a lot of your stats based on the RSS feed from Bungie.net in addition to other places. Its still early in development but its always improving.
  15. http://www.halo2gametypes.com/default.asp Thought that was worth a post. Vote for Chaotic King.
  16. Now that was some good pwnage. Here is some some more pwnage WesPip and I did yesterday. Go to HBO today and check out A Tale of Two Countries. It is friggin hilarious. Don't forget todays One One Se7en and Halo Babies.
  17. Someone yesterday asked about Domo-kun. Here is an FAQ about Domo-kun. Also, Dr. Marius, Lazy Leaf and I had were in a lengthy conversation about this and that(mostly it was about Zelda) when I started talking about princess Peach being hotter than princess Zelda. Some stuff was said and will not be repeated(mostly because I forgot) so I'll give you a link to the site that I mentioned. http://racewing.anifics.com/
  18. Okay. I'll no longer expect anyone to be on Sundays(we all have lives, I hope). Anyway, lets try to all be online sometime this week.
  19. I've had XBList on all day and haven't seen you come on yet =\ I had a lot to do today. My sister's car broke down. 2 hoses broke in the coolant system and I had to help fix it. Its should be okay now since only the hoses bursted. Now I'll start playing Halo 2 now. I'm tired so I might suck today.
  20. Come on guys. Get online. I usually only see one person online on any given night these days. Not being able to play with anyone makes me a sad panda.
  21. C'mon guys, get online! For the past couple of days, I've only seen at the most 4 people on at the same time. Get your in the game, you guys. Check out VGCats.com There is some funny Halo stuff.
  22. Could you please break that vid into smaller parts and/or put up a torrent of the vids? I got a sunburn from yesterday so it might affect my performance today. And yes, I just want a spiffy title.
  23. I'm the most active player(I'm on almost every night), I try to keep up on everything Bungie, I'm one of the best players in the clan, and I don't let any outsiders in our games when we don't want any.
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