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  1. Can I be a staff member? I'm the most active member of the clan. So, why not? EDIT: http://halo2cheaters.com/
  2. Try this if you have MSN Messenger. If you have a .Net passport and its linked to your GamerTag go to Xbox.com, Live, and then Alerts. You can get an alert via Messenger or email telling you when a friend of yours logs in to Live and which game they are in. While typing this WesPip and Deej logged in.
  3. Is it me or is Fooly Cooly a subject that keeps coming up in this clan? Rampancy!
  4. We need to agree on a time where we all try to be online. Yesterday consisted mostly of me, Deej, and Wes playing matchmaking. How about 7:00 Pacific?
  5. Awesome. One thing; can you make it so its 148 pixels high? EDIT: It needs to be as tall as my sig. I like to keep thing as uniform as I can.
  6. Here is the pic I mentioned Deimos. Photoshop away. For those who don't know, I kick ass with explosives. EDIT: Icy Guy won't be on for a couple of days. Something about his ISP.
  7. Like I said last night, I'll be getting the maps tomorrow. I'm gonna get paid on that day so I'll get the maps after I deposit my check. I want to play Terminal so badly. I saw a vid from an Austrailian Xbox website and it looks like it would be all kinds of awesome to play on. I'll be on tonight around 8 Pacific Time. Oh, and contribute to The Mecha Girl Thread.
  8. I'll try to be on tonight between 6 and 8 Pacific. I decided to just use duct tape to fix my headset. If it should go out I'll have my cell phone hands-free thingy ready.
  9. I have beaten GTA: San Andreas. Expect me to be on Live sometime soon. The only thing I have to do is get a cell phone hands-free thingy to replace my broken headset.
  10. My communitor broke. I may not come back when the maps are released. Just a heads-up.
  11. I got GTA San Andreas today. Until further notice I will not be on Xbox Live. I'll most likely come back when the new maps are out but thats not a gurantee. I'll be checking up on Mystico's comic and bump the Mecha Girl thread when necessary. Other than that don't expect to see much of me.
  12. Yesterday was fun. I introduced a KOTH variant I call Chaotic King. 3 second respawn, random weapons, hill moves 30 seconds, and on Midship. It was chaotic, to say the least. Here is a wrap-up of that game. Later on we spent like 10 minutes trying to get Lazy Leaf and Dr. Marius in the same party. Lazy was having some compy issues but hopefully that'll be resolved soon. I'll be on Live as long as I can today so when you guys are done here we can have some more fun. See ya later. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Or rather, I'll see YOUR MOM later.
  13. Lets have a ClanMatch sometime soon. I say on Friday or Saturday night. As for what specific time I'll leave that up for discussion. Be sure to keep time zones in mind when choosing. Oh and Wingless, its nubs not noobs. Thats what all the cool kids are saying.
  14. Me and Dr. Marius played a few games of Rocketball. The first game was a blast. Being anywhere near the ball resulted in dying from a hail of rockets hitting you in the face. I still have no idea how Unicide won the first and third game. I'm gonna go play for about 1 more hour and the go to sleep.
  15. So when are we going to get together again(I'm on Pacific time so keep that in mind)? That last Bumper Hogs game was a hoot. I really liked when me and Dr. Marius(I think) were jousting with the Banshees over everyone else in Warthogs. Also, should we make badges for everyone in Team OCRemix to use here?
  16. I'm almost ready to join. The thing is the ethernet cable I ordered is about 5 feet too short. As soon as this issue is dealt with, I'll be online.
  17. I want to join. As soon as my router gets here I'll be on Xbox Live (hopefully) as Sonic00_321. As soon as I finish making my GamerTag I'll post here and wait for that invite. I'm on pacific time(west sayiide!) but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem. See ya later. Update! I set up my account today. My GamerTag is Sonic00. I'll post again when my router gets here(I won't be able to play until then).
  18. Hello everyone new. (Too lazy to look) I suggest we let all of the new member in on some of our unwritten rules (that haven't been said yet). These rules have to do with usage of 1337 speak, Favorites threads, topic that recently been done, and other stuff that I probably forgot.
  19. Perhaps someone should explain(is it even possible) to the newcomers who will venture forth into UnMod about one of the most (in)famous person poster there. His name is Little Johnny Urine(lju for short). Someone else take it from here. EDIT: Spelling
  20. Its working again! Thanks draculalucard.
  21. My siggy has stopped working. The HTML is as follows: [img=http://www.geocities.com/chocobo150/sonic2.txt]Props to chocobo 150 [quote="Leroy SmartGuy"]Amy let us know that it was ok to say you wanted to have sex with a 13 year old hedgehog.[/quote] Can someone help me get my siggy working again?
  22. Soo close yet so far. IMO the only thing keeping me from liking this song is the fact that most of it is too slow. The only section of the song that I liked is from 01:21 to 01:41 when it gave me the hope that the rest of the song would go at a pace that would keep me interested in the song. Unfortunatly it would return to its slow pace and before the song is even over it was ruined for me. If it was at a constant medium or high pace then it would have been a remix to rival that of JiveMaster's.
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