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  1. My sig suddenly stopped working. Anyone know any way to get it back? Thanks. -Edit- Thanks to Straziante, I've got it working again. Thanks again.
  2. Holy crap I'm an idiot. Thanks for your help, Seph, and thanks to Endblink for making this thread! I never would've figured out how to do this stuff otherwise! Thanks! KIMOTA!
  3. I really like this remix, especially because I had just been A) Preparing to make a CD of VGM that focuses on a more electric guitar/rock theme, and Posting in another thread how much I loved the Hymn of the Fayth and how disappointed I was that no one had made a remix of it. I've enjoyed Hudson's stuff in the past, and this one certainly didn't disappoint me. Excellent.
  4. Trying to post an image. Whgat the hell am I doing wrong?!
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