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  2. I heard this first a couple weeks ago on SGX's radio show (it was actually the first song I heard since I opened the stream late). I thought it was sweet as shit and was disappointed to find that I couldn't get anywhere yet But now I got it, and it's still sweet as shit when I'm sober, so that's sweet. Ownage shit. Period.
  3. ownownownwownwonwo.... Coupled with stepmania steps, 4f73r m3 is like sex with two people at once. SGX rapping > vanilla ice. gg. Too bad he's not as good at ddr as meh. narb. Teh song owns tho, and that's all that's important, really.
  4. There are many sweet things about this mix. Besides the fact that 'save me' coming from a save theme kinda makes me chuckle, I think the mix is the best mix that SGX has put out. And he puts out a lot. Of mixes. Right, so like I'd probably say this is my favorite trance song. I'm relatively new to the trance genre, having only listened to it a decent amount for like half a year or so or somethin, but there's something about this song in particular that stands out over others. Its diversity and varying elements have a wide range of appeal that I think allows for a large group of listeners to enjoy it. The whole song in entirety just sounds... epic. This mix is teh hotness. Listen to it now if you haven't already. Kthx.
  5. I uh... wow. Very impressive. Sounds very professional and very... good. I don't really know what else to say besides that I'm amazed with how good it sounds. And as for the ending, it seems fine to me. An extravagant ending isn't always what's needed, and I think the ending here fits well. Amazing job.
  6. omg this song==teh own. The only minor gripe/thang i have that i mentioned to sgx before (though he didn't do this part) is the bass around 3:05 i thought was kinda borderline with its intonation, but after a short chit chat shiot i got over that. I really like the whole thing, especially teh SGX break in the middle and the filterin stuff goin on up to 4:43. And then the move back into the other beat.. just seems fitting. I like it. Good work guys.
  7. This song ownzors my bones. I'm not sure if it does for others, but it really appeals to me in a way that other songs of the same style do not. I mentioned in the WIP that i'm not usually fond of this style, but GL's skills pull together a musical beacon of sweetness that just captivates me. Wtg, chief
  8. Well around 0:47 there are a few piano intervals that I'm not really too fond of. I suppose that I might have improper habits of covering up those kinds of intervals with support, but that's just a preference. I like the change around 0:56. It's a nice mood change. I find the section around 2:20 with the incoming strings part very sweet. I can't remember the original off the top of my head, so I'm not sure which parts here are original and which are not, but the harmonies and melody here are very nice. There are a few notes around 3:19 that sound a little weird perhaps, but nothing major. The bass drum and snare in their simple nature I think are very fitting. Something around 4:50 sounds a little weird to me, and a little later, it seems to me that some of the samples might have intonation problems together, but ehh other than that the rest was very appealing to my ears. The sfx from the game I thought were a nice touch, following suit with the title and such. Very nice job.
  9. One word: Hot. The ambient whale sounds are timed and executed very well throughout. I like the light and kinda floating feeling created by the drums, it adds more depth to the underwater setting of the song. The drums fills, kicks, etc. are good (I pay a lot of attention to them). I'm fond of the drum progression and additive complexity, particularly the changed around 1:46. The following synth that is introduced around 2:01 fits well, imho, as do the rest of them for that matter. I like the section at 2:31 in contrast to its earlier rendition. The addition of the new drum sequences is a nice compliment for it. The introduction of the toms adds another layer of nature to the song, I think, and fits well. I can't really find anything I don't like, not that that's surprising. Pwned.
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