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  1. This isn't cheesy at all, it's amazing. In some places it's like a cross between Castlevania and Persona. That's unbeatable. The way this thing flows, you'd think it was orginally written as one piece. The author (Dan what's-his-face) gives these cool little Castlevania tracks a worthy second coming without resorting to doing a boring heavy metal mix or butchering the original work with a shithead techno mix. This is basically one of the few ReMixes worth keeping on my hard drive.
  2. I don't read this forum or post any replies, but I thought I had to say something about this ReMix, coming from one of my favorite games. It's great to see an Ico ReMix, but I can't say I like this too much. The original Ico sound track wasn't much as stand-alone music (that is to say it was meant to be heard while playing the game, not on its own -- the structure of a stand-alone track is fundamentally different than that of an ambient track) but it was great stuff nonetheless. This ReMix is a little too incoherent. I normally hate all techno-ish stuff, because techno tends to focus on flashy
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