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  1. Not much of an RPG element as it is a stipulation. I like the system in which you can actually LOSE something instead of only gaining. I thought the award system was always unbalanced in SSBM that way.

    If the insanely well featured and polished Call of Duty 4 for the 360 costs $50, you'd have to be a lunatic to buy Umbrella Chronicles for the same. I mean, Umbrella Chronicles is decent, but once you're done, you probably won't play it many times again. It's totally a rental. A good rental, but I'd imagine it'd be a horrible investment to buy it.

    I found it makes for a good purchase as a fun drinking/party game once you've unlocked the unlimited ammo on the secondary guns, but generally, it's true that only a diehard lightgun/RE gamer will want to pick this title up.

  2. They're here and here. The first was on 114. I got confused by Bahamut quoting me on 116 :lol:

    But of the one's that are currently on the VC, I'd recommend...

    SNES R-Type III: The Third Lightning (superb horizontal SNES-only shmup)

    SNES Gradius III (not quite arcade perfect, but a very good port of the arcade horizontal shmup)

    Genesis Bio-Hazard Battle (a wild and good shmup, with an insect theme running through the enitre game, and fantastic animation)

    TG-16 R-Type (a near perfect port of the classic arcade horizontal shmup)

    NES Gradius (pretty good port of the horizontal original)

    NES Galaga (a single screen shmup, and quite faithful to the original)

    NES Xevious (a simple vertical shmup, but an arcade classic that was ported the NES pretty well)

    N64 Star Fox 64 (a very nice 3D shmup that plays much like the SNES original, with some extra types of gameplay to break up the "on rails" missions)

    I've also heard very good things about vertical shmup Blazing Lasers for the TG-16, but I've never gotten to play it. Plus, I've played the original arcade version of the horizontal shmup Ordyne, and it wasn't too bad... but I've not played the TG-16 port.

    Thanks, Coop! I picked up Gradius 3 and Blazing Lazers. To be honest, I would recommend Blazing Lazers to you. It's pretty easy, but I had a good time taking a run through it.

    EDIT: Any idea what the system update does?

  3. Fourth time's a charm?

    So who wants to give me MMZ 2-4 so I can catch up on the story and pick up ZX?

    You would also need Zero 3-4 to unlock some boss fights.

    2 - 4

    Guess I could've made that more noticeable.

    Right, I understand you want all of them, and I don't blame you; great story. I was just presenting the fact that you get extra bosses for two of those cartridges because I've not seen anyone bring that fact up. Sorry for confusion.

  4. Ah, so I'm not the only one excited about it, I've heard quite a few things about it. Unless I'm mistaken, This seems to be the first time you play as a human (ignoring Megaman Battle Network) and as a girl. (I guess there is the secret characters in MMX 8...) But noting those things I guess it really isnt the first time those have happened.

    I almost wouldn't count playing as a human in Battle Network. Sure they're there, but they simply jack into computers and then the programs/robots go to town.

  5. 8O This thread is still around?

    Okay, any Dragon Quest VIII players out there?

    What are your thoughts on the bonus dungeon bosses? GOSH DANG THOSE GUYS ARE TOUGH!

    Hahaha, I think I quit on the SPOILERS

    Dragovian Trials after the...I think it was the third version he went to decided to just kill a couple of party members in one turn. END SPOILERS

    With the game having been so easy up to that point, I just decided it wasn't worth screwing around with.

  6. Silent Hill Film Update:

    Improved Teaser:

    Since the release of the official website, which released a film teaser as the site's flash introduction, the site now offers visitors the option to view the teaser in .mov format (Quicktime). (For those who can access the flash intro, simply click to view again and the Quicktime intro will play instead.) Also, the site has been cleaned up slightly to provide optimal window size and clearity, which includes the teaser. For those with keen senses, you'll notice that the trailer has some slight editting changes since it was first offered. Most noticable of the changes is the picture and sound quality, but you'll also notice some slight cue and directional changes as well. One benefit to having the improved picture quality is that now you can see some items that were not quite as noticeable the first time around. Enjoy.

    Official Silent Hill Film Site - Quicktime Teaser (Direct access for those who can't get the flash intro to work.)

    Silent Hill Film - Quicktime Teaser [MegaUpload Mirror]

    Morbid Obsession's Journey to Silent Hill:

    The editors from Morbid Obsession took a trip to the film set and took some photos of the modified streets of Brantford, Ontario (old news, but bare with me for a moment). Yet, they managed to record some places and images that were not shown in any of the official or unofficial film set photos. Their description of the filming process doesn't reveal too much, but still makes me feel excited by reading it. Anyway, the reason why I am posting this now, is for two reasons: 1) for completion of documentation of the film's progress and 2) to let you guys knows that an exclusive interview with Jeff Danna will be posted there shortly (presumably before the end of December). So, keep your eyes out for that.

    Morbid Obsession - Journey to Silent Hill Film Set

    Rule of Rose:

    I'm not sure if anyone has already seen this, but Sony Computer Entertainment is developing a horror game called "Rule of Rose." The only real information I have to go on this are that it will be on the Playstation 2 (released January 19, 2006) and that the two trailers were released in Japan, which suggests a Japan only release, but still worth viewing. Actually, this trailer is a must see for fans of horror-gaming, since it captures so much of the demensia of creepy characters and situations. Details make the man.

    I suspect that the game will follow the older, blonde woman who appears to be either a caretaker or teacher to the group of young girls. She appears to be plagued by continuous threats in a surreal setting of 1930's Europe. Based on the appearance and actions of this presumable main character, I think the gameplay will be similar to that of Clock Tower 3, where the character cannot actively fight against her attackers and must resort to hide-and-evade tactics (not my favorite style of gameplay, but not unbareable). However, what makes me most excited are the FMVs of the supporting characters who are as disfunctional and disturbing as they are realistic-looking.

    Rule of Rose - Official Playstation Website

    GameSpy.com - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Stream, Option to Download)

    GameTrailer.com - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Stream, Option to Download)

    GamesRadar.com - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Download Only)

    GameSpot.com - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #1 & #2 (Stream, Option to Download with Free Registration)

    Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #1 [MegaUpload Mirror] (.zip / .wmv / 6.55MB)

    Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 [MegaUpload Mirror] (.zip / .wmv / 19.19MB)

    I almost feel ashamed to admit that I glanced through all the SH movie info and then found myself engrossed in finding out more about this Rule of Rose game. Looks more along the lines of Haunting Ground than anything.

  7. SotC #16. I spent a good three hours yesterday trying to get him in under 9:30. Won't go into detail though because spoiling that game to anyone is a crime.


    I swear, I got lucky on time attack and found a shortcut at the first blast gates. After that, the only advice I can offer is to position yourself just barely touching the symbol on his head. He won't be able to shake you that way.


    I guess I'll throw my lot in and declare the hardest boss I ever dealt with to be Robotnik from Sonic 2 & Knuckles. Now I know I can simply hit him when he plops down on the ground, but I've only ever done the fight when I was younger, and I was damned impatient after spending the (usually) afternoon on the game; so I'd get to him and take every risk I could to get just one more hit in.

    Then it would happen. Knuckles would float through Robotnik and die. I can recall beating him once or twice, but it was so enraging that I almost never play Sonic 2 with Knuckles.

  8. The Majin Fiends from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

    Some of 'em are absolute whores.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that can complain about how some of those bosses were complete bastards. I can recall a couple of instances where I was literally forced to fight a fiend to progress with the story and it required at least five levels over what I had to even put a dent in its health.

  9. But the worst in the series is SH4.

    I don't understand all the hate toward SH4. Mind you, I haven't read through all of this thread, but I'm certain it's been discussed before--but I want to toss in my two cents.

    I had two primary gripes with SH4--and that was the lack of bosses, and the ghosts. Those two flaws, though, are relatively minor in my opinion, and certainly not enough to ruin the game for me.

    SH2 is the best in the series, without question, though I haven't gotten around to playing the first one yet--just because I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy.

    Apparently Jonesboro, Arkansas is the home of all the ten dollar copies of Silent Hill 1; they're all over the place.

  10. NO

    you are all wrong.

    the hardest boss in videogame history is Alma from Ninja Gaiden for xbox.

    I cried, i swore, I cried some more, I stayed up into the wee hours of the night fighting her over and over again.

    Only on the hardest difficulty, which is great because it's almost as much fun to watch yourself fight/die miserably than it is to actually do it. Otherwise it shouldn't be that much of a problem to have her screaming your name before you send her packin. You just gotta suck less.

    Take this guy for example...

    I already had the videos before this post, and I must say, he puts on quite a show.

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