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  1. Hey, Just! It's Hard Corey from GameFAQs! Did you get those two tokens I sent you?
  2. Pallad

    Nintendo Wii

    I found it makes for a good purchase as a fun drinking/party game once you've unlocked the unlimited ammo on the secondary guns, but generally, it's true that only a diehard lightgun/RE gamer will want to pick this title up.
  3. Pallad

    Nintendo Wii

    Thanks, Coop! I picked up Gradius 3 and Blazing Lazers. To be honest, I would recommend Blazing Lazers to you. It's pretty easy, but I had a good time taking a run through it. EDIT: Any idea what the system update does?
  4. Pallad

    Nintendo Wii

    Hate to bother ya, Coop, but I can't seem to find that list. Any VC shmups you could recommend if you don't mind?
  5. I just started playing Contact the other day. Anyone want to exchange some friend codes? My friend code for contact is 1804 7206 1189.
  6. You would also need Zero 3-4 to unlock some boss fights. 2 - 4 Guess I could've made that more noticeable. Right, I understand you want all of them, and I don't blame you; great story. I was just presenting the fact that you get extra bosses for two of those cartridges because I've not seen anyone bring that fact up. Sorry for confusion.
  7. You would also need Zero 3-4 to unlock some boss fights.
  8. I almost wouldn't count playing as a human in Battle Network. Sure they're there, but they simply jack into computers and then the programs/robots go to town.
  9. Had to call the local Gamestop just to make sure they were actually going to get any in. We won't be repeating the same things from when Megaman Zero 4 came out...
  10. Is there actually any information on the character list in JUS? From the screenshots, all I saw were updated health bars and whatnot.
  11. I just got on since this is the first I've visited OCR in a while and I see this as way more useful than SETI@Home. Username is Hardcorey on F@H.
  12. Hahaha, I think I quit on the SPOILERS Dragovian Trials after the...I think it was the third version he went to decided to just kill a couple of party members in one turn. END SPOILERS With the game having been so easy up to that point, I just decided it wasn't worth screwing around with.
  13. I almost feel ashamed to admit that I glanced through all the SH movie info and then found myself engrossed in finding out more about this Rule of Rose game. Looks more along the lines of Haunting Ground than anything.
  14. SPOILERS I swear, I got lucky on time attack and found a shortcut at the first blast gates. After that, the only advice I can offer is to position yourself just barely touching the symbol on his head. He won't be able to shake you that way. END SPOILERS I guess I'll throw my lot in and declare the hardest boss I ever dealt with to be Robotnik from Sonic 2 & Knuckles. Now I know I can simply hit him when he plops down on the ground, but I've only ever done the fight when I was younger, and I was damned impatient after spending the (usually) afternoon on the game; so I'd get to him and take every risk I could to get just one more hit in. Then it would happen. Knuckles would float through Robotnik and die. I can recall beating him once or twice, but it was so enraging that I almost never play Sonic 2 with Knuckles.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one that can complain about how some of those bosses were complete bastards. I can recall a couple of instances where I was literally forced to fight a fiend to progress with the story and it required at least five levels over what I had to even put a dent in its health.
  16. I don't understand all the hate toward SH4. Mind you, I haven't read through all of this thread, but I'm certain it's been discussed before--but I want to toss in my two cents. I had two primary gripes with SH4--and that was the lack of bosses, and the ghosts. Those two flaws, though, are relatively minor in my opinion, and certainly not enough to ruin the game for me. SH2 is the best in the series, without question, though I haven't gotten around to playing the first one yet--just because I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy. Apparently Jonesboro, Arkansas is the home of all the ten dollar copies of Silent Hill 1; they're all over the place.
  17. Only on the hardest difficulty, which is great because it's almost as much fun to watch yourself fight/die miserably than it is to actually do it. Otherwise it shouldn't be that much of a problem to have her screaming your name before you send her packin. You just gotta suck less. Take this guy for example... I already had the videos before this post, and I must say, he puts on quite a show.
  18. Wow, how very sad. I'm glad I'm not bothered from great tracks by weird silly reasons.
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