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  1. @XZero - Thanks for the tip! That song definitely uses the same prayer samples. Quite relaxing to listen to as well. I'd already seen the video before starting the thread. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what kind of wonky cartridge manufacturing and release schedules allowed for three versions of the software to be created before the game's release. Clearly they thought the prayer and the red blood would cause controversy so they changed it, but then why would they continue releasing the uncensored versions? I can understand wanting to get the gold cartridges with 1.0 out on time to fulfill pre-orders, but beyond that I presume it's just sticking to schedule to make sure there's enough supply to go around? I'm kind of baffled by this. @SwordBreaker - Very interesting information, thanks! As for being offensive, some of the stuff I read said that its use in the song wasn't as offensive as how the song was used in the game. One person said that if the chanting had been used for the forest temple, it wouldn't have been as much of an issue, but it caused a stir since it was used in the fire temple which is rather hellish. It would seem that its use in Parasite Eve 2 could also be offensive in this way since it's played in the Neo Ark, essentially a bio lab where people are basically playing god and making people artificially evolve into super-humans that adapt to their environments. Also, I found another sighting of the prayer in Kakuto Chojin, apparently in a theme song for a Muslim character - This one sounds like it'd fit in the same category as Cruis'n World's, since the prayer is used as kind of a filler element behind heavy techno beats.
  2. Does anybody here know anything about the chant that was sampled for the original version of the Fire Temple music in Ocarina of Time ( )? I heard samples from the same chant in Parasite Eve 2 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDkXiR8AZsI ) and after doing some research I found it was used in Cruis'n World as well ( ).I'm interested in hearing the chant uncut and outside of game music if possible, but so far the only lead I have is that it's quoting from the Quran and I haven't been able to find anything that sounds like it's from the same person, let alone the same lines. Any information would be much appreciated. It's entirely possible that the chant could be from some sample pack. I've heard some other vocal cues that pop up in various places, too, like the female vocal that can be heard in Xenosaga 1 - Song of Nephilim ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqjCT2yB3i8 ), Xenosaga 2 - Nephilim ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns23O8HpjFU ), and Uru's Trailer Music ( ).
  3. From the Kontakt 4 specifications page: "*** Halion 3 is not supported" NS_Kit7 shipped with HALion 3 presets.
  4. Long story short, I'm looking for the Kontakt presets for NS_Kit7. Does anybody have them? Long story long: I was an early adopter of NS_Kit7 and used the HALion player to utilize it. I recently got Kontakt and like it a hell of a lot more, so I thought I'd try using it for NS_Kit7 as well. Well, when I got the kit, it didn't come with Kontakt presets. I could have sworn that the members only area at naturalstudio.co.uk had some, but that has since been removed since the samples were transfered to Atelier Robin at naturaldrum.com. Even though the Natural Drum Kit uses the same samples, it seems that licenses didn't transfer, so I am an owner of NS_Kit7 but not Natural Drum Kit. Whether or not this actually matters is hard to say, though, because support for both has dropped off the face of the earth. I tried to register at the naturaldrum.com forums, but that requires an admin to activate your account, and both times I tried to register, the account ended up being deleted due to inactivity. I tried using the naturaldrum.com contact page to directly ask about the presets. No reply. Naturalstudio.co.uk had been down for a while, but when it came back, I tried sending an email asking about the presets. Again, no reply. I tried asking at the KVR audio forums. One guy replied telling me to email him, but the email he gave me was bad, and he had PMs disabled so I had no other way to reach him. I posted on that thread again hoping he'd see it. No reply. I'm starting to feel like this may be my last option. Does anyone have the NS_Kit7 Kontakt presets, or am I stuck using HALion Player?
  5. Not getting much feedback on this, so I can only assume I'm doing something right. http://robocoon.net/tansunn/badlands_RC2.mp3 Changed some of the taiko pattern at the end, changed some volume levels, modified a couple of transitions, added another synth pad toward the end.
  6. Check the ID3 tags. I'm using WinAmp to view them with View File Info (Alt-3). The MP3s have them in the ID3v2 tags in the Comment space. The FLACs have them under the Advanced tab in the COMMENT property. If you're using WinAmp, I recommend using the FLAC version to read it because the Comment space for MP3s is only 3 lines high. The window for FLAC properties is 10 lines high and a little wider.
  7. http://robocoon.net/tansunn/badlands_RC1.mp3 Seeing as nobody mentioned anything else, I just went and changed the things I noticed in the last version and finished it up. Unless anybody has any major "this part sucks, fix it" comments, this will probably be the final version.
  8. http://robocoon.net/tansunn/badlands%20wip3.mp3 Changes: - Minor panning fluctuation added to chorused saw synth - Slight distortion added to filtered saw bass - Orchestral crash added during taiko+cello break to flesh it out a bit - Taiko EQ and panning delay modified - Different chords on the pads when the taikos begin - Cellos are introduced differently - General lengthening as I work toward completion Known issues: - I made the taiko too loud with the tweaking, need to tone it down - Taiko rhythm could definitely use some variation (so could some other patterns) - Introducing the cellos needs work, it seems too abrupt - I'm a little iffy about the second half of the synth lead during the break in the middle, might end up rewriting that part - The "emptiness" issue addressed earlier in the thread still hasn't been worked on.
  9. I know what you mean about the emptiness. I've been thinking of adding some synth arpeggios in a few places to help fill it out.
  10. http://robocoon.net/tansunn/badlands%20wip2.mp3 Changes: - Click in beginning fixed - Cymbals toned down a little - Synth pad lowered in pitch - Vibrato added to synth lead - Snare sample changed - A few sine wave dives added (barely audible) - Cellos and taiko drum section added at end Known issues: - A bit of clipping in a few places.
  11. http://robocoon.net/tansunn/badlands%20wip.mp3 Still in the very early stages as I just started today. I rendered it before going to bed so I could show some friends and figured I might as well toss it up here as well. There are a few issues that I already plan on fixing as soon as I start working on it again so they don't need to be mentioned: - Noticeable click at the beginning - Cymbals might be a bit loud - Synth pad at the end is a little high in pitch Let me know what you think!
  12. Nope, I died. The rest of the album more than made up for it, though.
  13. Now that that's out of the way, I just have to say that this was an amazing album. With the exception of a few tracks, I had a smile on my face from start to finish. I was pleased to hear the uniqueness of the arrangements, not only in relation to the original soundtrack, but from track to track. I honestly believe that everybody can find something to like on the album, even if they're not a fan of Final Fantasy. I don't feel it necessary to comment on the tracks I didn't like since it's a matter of personal taste, and I wouldn't say the tracks I didn't like were badly done*, just not my style. *Except for one. What the hell is up with "Zeromus the Serialist"? It sounds like someone took a MIDI file that was intended for a variety of instruments and then set every channel to piano, including the drum track, resulting in a horrible chaotic mess. And it's touted as a "bonus" track. I thought a bonus was supposed to be a good thing. That's like loading up a DVD and going through the bonus features only to have it shoot pepper spray at you.
  14. As much as I like it, I'd have to agree with Squid. On my first listen, I couldn't recognize any EarthBound music in it at all. After figuring out which song he was referring to and listening to it a couple of times, I could barely recognize bits of the melody in the intro and ending during my second listen. Overall, I like the sound of it, but I never would have recognized it as an EarthBound mix if I hadn't been told that's what it was supposed to be, and even so, I'm still not sure that I do.
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