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  1. very nice. I've been looking for something just like this for a while now. Plus, the voice reminds me alot of this years E3. Keep it up.
  2. OOO VERY NICE WORK! I was already a big fan of the midi myself. Nice to see an amazing midi turn into something like this, very rare. Keep up the good work!
  3. Oh man i have to thank you Dan. I don't think i could have gotten through all my college art finals without this mix. (12 drawings in 2 days ) Yep, it takes the right kind of music to get me goin and this was absolutely perfect. Its also a piece that im sure will be ringing in my head for weeks to come. Anyway, I think the selection was PERFECT. One of the better songs in the series. And of course, you put your own signature fun in it, which is always different but great (ala tal tal heights) I consider this one of the best mixes on the site so just keep up the good work. Cant wait for the ne
  4. oooooooo very nice! and yes, i agree more new stuff should be done. Everything about it is just awesome and its a great game to be mixed like that. O yea and.... DJpretzel: "I confess to owning a Gamecube" WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!1!??? "CONFESS"????? dont be an ignorant sheep please. BE PROUD!!
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