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  1. That's all good info Ifirit, thanks. I appologize for the next statements, they aren't very organized. I'm not anywhere an authority on the matter, but I believe that Metatron is the Voice of God, the highest ranking Archangel, correct? If indeed the God that was being bore by Heather was the God that Metatron represents, it would make sense for Valtiel to protect it and Heather. It would also make sense if Red Pyramid Thing is an invokation of the evil form of Valtiel as well because then Metatron would have sway over it - in the form of it's sirens which ward off the monster. But saying thos
  2. I hate being gone for weeks on end. Anywho, Ifirit I was waiting for you to reply to my post, I just knew you'd have some interesting info. I have one question though, how does the supposed "tattoo" of the Seal of Metatron upon Valtiel explained. It was indeed Samael that Claudia was trying to revive and that Valtiel was looking over, but it wouldn't make sense for Valtiel to do that if he was an agent of Metatron. That's why I came to the conclusion that he was looking over Heather instead of Samael and drew the distinction between Pyramid Head and Valtiel. ~AX~
  3. Wow, I just read every single post in this topic from the beggining. To touch on a few things I think you guys missed. I really wouldn't call the Cult "Hope House Cult" because the cult was around much longer than Hope House. In Silent Hill 3, at the Curch there are several paintings on the wall that talk about the Cult's belief system: This hints at several things. Firstly, the God they speak of is Samael IMO and that is supported by a couple things which I will get into later. I found it interesting that they said that Samael was created by two people, even though it says a man and a wom
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