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  1. The vibe created on this mix is sweet! Excellent arrangement!
  2. I have wanted an Extreme-G remix for so long, being a fan of the supersonic racing game and trance and all. To my surprise, as I was visiting OCR a few weeks ago from a somewhat extended absence, lo' and behold, an Extreme-G mix! And it came out on my birthday, too! And it's awesome! Thank you for the hard trance birthday present, bLiNd. Keep up the good work; you have yet to submit a mix I didn't totally dig. You do trance like trance should be done. Word. Now if only Konami would release the soundtrack to Extreme-G, I could die a happy man... (or have they already and I'm just in the dark?)
  3. I'm by no means a musical expert and have never posted a review before, but I love good music and know what rocks my socks. First of all, musically, I love the funky house approach. But really, the samples are perfectly selected and implimented. They make the piece so fun and just aren't used enough in fighter game mixes, if you ask me. =D Top notch job, sir! Oh and djp (if you're reading this), I would definately love to hear your take on any SFA tunage, as you hinted in the comments. "Go for it, maaaaaaaan!" Some SFA3 announcer samples would be devine, hint hint.
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