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  1. Woot! A Metroid Prime mix, and a spectacular one at that! Great job DrakeSword, it really adds a lot to the original while keeping the same "mood" if you will. Actually, it's the sort of relaxing techno I like to have in the back while writing or something, so I don't think it'll leave my playlist any time soon. Ah, I loved that area from Prime. The snow was like, totally awsome, and this remix got a smile on my face right from the start with that little piano note section in the begining. I'm starting to rant now, so I better stop before I take up half the board. Keep it up, I always l
  2. Nice! I downloaded it and acidentally left it running in the background. It's now 2 hours later, and it still sounds nice to whatever I do. Makes a nice relaxing tune to listen to. I wish I had heard the original.
  3. I like this! It makes me smile when I listen to it. Reminds me of metroid, yet keeps a nice happy mood through the whole thing. I like both of the mixes, "One Girl in all the world" and "All the World in One Girl". They go really nice together, and apart as well.
  4. I liked that remix. The tune has a sad note to it, but also has a nice smooth pace, and nothing really seems out of place even though it keeps changing . That voice though, I think it was a nice touch personally. Where is that quote from? I never actually played that game, so bear with me. Anyway, keep up the good work! It's nice to hear good quality remixes on the site
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