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  1. Uhh..its been a long time. So I dont know names. I know im in the wreckage of the ship from the first FMV, I fought through it, got to a point where there was a repair mech(toot) Fuel'd up and fought a boss..this boss was a guy and that I'm pretty sure i've fought him on more than one occasion, and then after I beat him up I'm nearly dead and out of fuel and up comes another. Then I die
  2. Escorting the stupid AWAC in Robotech BattleCry.....I feel so ashamed. Also in XenoGears..its been awhile..but I got to the ship thats in the openings animation..fought some bad guy..used up all my fuel..then was forced to fight another boss after that..and since i was out of fuel..I died ....god I'd like to beat that game..but i gotta find it to buy it (had to give it back to the guy he borrowed it from then he moved the bastard) Any tips for anyone that knows what im talking about
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