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  1. same thing has happened to me. I originally ordered a shirt back in october; i it never shipped and i was never billed. I cancelled the order about a month ago and ordered another. This order said it was shipped but i still havnt gotten it.
  2. in order to buy something, do i have to make an account when it asks for one? I just dont want to have the left over account with personal info after i order a shirt.
  3. Awesome, I only recognized the rainbow road melody at 1:22 and 1:40, but still, this remix is excellent....i love piano music and "rainbow road" went in perfectly with it. Good job Dhsu! Nice and peacefull.........i think i could sit down and sleep to this right now.
  4. man, this song reminds me exactly of the game....superb, it brings the mood, like it was played from the soul, excellent job
  5. dude!!! ever since i heard town life in piano, i thought a 600 A.D. one would be cool, and now it has come!!!! thanks KLuTz 4 making this, nice arrangment, love it!
  6. whoa! im no pro on remixes, i just know i love em! and techno is my style. dude this is one of best i think ive heard yet....love the beat and mealody at 1:25
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