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  1. I heard this one when he originally put it out on his site, and I must say it's still an awesome mix. Mario + Caribbean = 00ber ReMix. And I agree: this sounds like it should have been in Super Mario Sunshine. Maybe as, like, a preview theme or something...
  2. In response to anyone who thinks this remix is too quiet: do you expect all music to be blaring your speakers or something? Sometimes quiet music is a good thing, especially on a song like this, where it's based on a sad song from the actual game. Now that I've said that, let me add my own comments. I think the only thing I really didn't like from this remix is the first second or two where the thunder is a tad bit too flat. Everything else fits nicely, starting soft and gradually crecendo-ing to a more-heavily rhythmed techno. And no, the tempo does NOT increase, before anyone says so. The ad
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