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  1. I heard this one when he originally put it out on his site, and I must say it's still an awesome mix. Mario + Caribbean = 00ber ReMix. And I agree: this sounds like it should have been in Super Mario Sunshine. Maybe as, like, a preview theme or something...
  2. In response to anyone who thinks this remix is too quiet: do you expect all music to be blaring your speakers or something? Sometimes quiet music is a good thing, especially on a song like this, where it's based on a sad song from the actual game. Now that I've said that, let me add my own comments. I think the only thing I really didn't like from this remix is the first second or two where the thunder is a tad bit too flat. Everything else fits nicely, starting soft and gradually crecendo-ing to a more-heavily rhythmed techno. And no, the tempo does NOT increase, before anyone says so. The added counter melody fits nicely, almost indistinguishable from the original song's parts, although there was one dissonating note in it that might have sounded better a half step up (because it was the flat of the bass line note) but I guess it was fine. The feature I liked most about this ReMix is the way GLL transitioned from the light instrumental section to the heavier techno. It wasn't a sudden, 1 measure change like I've heard in the past, but spanned a full theme length. Good job on this ReMix. (On a side note, this is the first ReMix I've posted in the forums about — and I've been downloading ReMixes for quite a while now.)