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  1. Well, excellent remix, truly what you can call a professional work. But I'm rather unimpressed, perhaps I didn't listen it long enough to really enjoy, it's really great and all, but it's overly repetitive, somewhat unoriginal, short and more importantly: it lacked feeling. I know the original song is repetitive, and this is rather more like a tribute than a remix with original stuff, but still his original works are much better, I simply don't have enough praise words to describe Total Annihilation. I have many songs from djpretzel, Protricity, CoMM, Star Salzman, Kong in Concert and Relic
  2. This completely sucks, I can't get that song out of my head for three days, and I keep going back to listen it again and again and reading the lyrics at the same time. Damn you Mr. Pretzel for making something that great.
  3. I liked it, I played it with my headphones on and the percussion had a funny effect. Usually near some very loud percussions you think your heart is beating in the same rhythm. This one was almost doing an ear massage, t'was sorta cool. Very nice 2:10 BTW.
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