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  1. I would agree that there can and should be more Silent Hill games, albeit not too many more. Also, this topic is too big and too good to let die.
  2. This song reminds me of how easily FF7 could have been turned into a horror game, and how good it might have been. The guitar work is very nice, granted, but also somewhat repetitive - the real ingenuity of the song is the way it constantly changes. There's always a new element around the corner, always something novel and startling or creepy. I can certainly see why people said it sounded like Diablo, as the guitar is the exact same style Matt Uelmen used for the soundtracks to those games. The overall feel, though, is somewhat less fantasy than Diablo, and more dark gritty vampirish. The first half reminded me of the Hellsing soundtrack, actually. Just... yeah. This be a disjointed review. You have to listen to the song. If you haven't already, do so, now.
  3. I hate the opening synth in the first 14 seconds or so, but the rest of the mix is good in a way which I cannot describe well. Not only is it danceable, it sounds like an actual song, which many pieces in this style don't, and it keeps moving with little true repitition for all 5 minutes. Very well done.
  4. I truly love this song, and this interpretation. Contrary to what some others have said, I cannot detect any major flaws in Mr. Pretzel's singing, and I love the way the synth and piano blend. The lyrics themselves are a little less upbeat than the music, but the difference there makes the song all the more interesting. Congratulations and thanks.
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