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  1. Okay, I might be doing something stupid...Or my question might not make any sense, or it could be my uh, sub-par comp skills messing things up...by just touching the keyboard, or glancing at the evil monitor...(it hates me so) But have you heard of this? I have the Fruity Soundfont player installer..and I want to start using it with my 3.0 FL...but everytime I go to install it, it gives me this message..."Error - Something went wrong with locating the FruityLoops folder"...Help? Ahhhh..
  2. Really neat remix, I agree with DJP...with just about everything he said, and put better than I, but I had to post and say that I liked this remix a lot...one of the best new ones on this site right now...I think that that eerie feel is hard to get across...and you did just great, makes me want to play that game...I'll keep downloading your stuff *_*
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