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  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/18480306/phantomtrain.mp3.html This is an as of right now untitled remix of of the music that plays on the Phantom Train. If I had to classify it under a genre I would say it's Trip Hop, but I guess it could be a lot of things. I'm trying to get it to sound like an old, fucked up vinyl record. Ok well tell me what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome...and all that shit
  2. OH NOS STOP REMIXING THIS GAEM YOU GAYS Just kidding... Wow. I have no idea what he is saying, but this is great. One of the most original remixes I've heard in a while.
  3. For the samples you can just download PSmplay. It lets you rip sound and stuff from playstation discs and save them as a wav. About the remix: I liked it. Not much else to say. =D
  4. You can do it on Geocities. Just take the image you want to use, and go to rename. Change the file extension from jpg or gif or whatever to .txt. Now it will show up in your sig. Nice remix by the way.
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