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  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/18480306/phantomtrain.mp3.html

    This is an as of right now untitled remix of of the music that plays on the Phantom Train. If I had to classify it under a genre I would say it's Trip Hop, but I guess it could be a lot of things.

    I'm trying to get it to sound like an old, fucked up vinyl record.

    Ok well tell me what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome...and all that shit

  2. This mix isn't fun or lighthearted. It is racially insensitive and frankly, fairly offending, to me, personally. I have close friends who own Asian restaurants, and they don't like it when people come in asking if it's a "Pharmacy." I know this isn't portrayed in the song, but the sterotype of asian's owning a pharmacy is just plain wrong. Dale, grow up. Mustin, and DJP, I think you two have some bigger problems to discuss...No, NOT the music, how about the racially motivated subliminal messages embedded in this song?

    Jeez guys....Have some class.

    Ok, the game is set in Japan (Well, the American version isn't because it's an Americanized piece of crap, but I digress), and in Japan I think it's safe to assume that most people who own pharmacies would also be Japanese. In the game, the pharmacy owner is a perverted Japanese man. If this actually is a racial stereotype, well the Japanese are basically making fun of themselves and Dale is just going along with it. It's all in good fun. This song rocks btw.

    Now all of you stop whining and go play Persona, and Persona 2 while you're at it. They are the best games ever.


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