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  1. The synth solo in the Metal Ice Cap Zone was great.
  2. It's about time there's a Threads of Fate remix. And an orchestral one to boot. Instrumental-wise, it's brilliant. But personally, I just didn't dig the mood from the second and third minutes. But that's just my opinion. Some other parts of the song somehow sounded as if it's from Brave Fencer Musashi and KH. Although that's no bad thing.
  3. Whenever I go on OCR, I head straight for the non-remixes section to see what new music Reuben comes out with. It's one of the things I looked forward to the most around here. Here's one for a talented son, friend, and musician. Your legacy lives on in your music and our memories. Rest in peace.
  4. Haha, yea! Good job to all the guys who participated in this project.
  5. I shouldn't have listened to medley teaser. Now I'm highly anticipating the release of this again. And I can't seem to identify last chiptune song. What is it?
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