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  1. First of all, not only have you made my day with this remix. But secondly it will make my day when ever i play it, some seriously good effects and sound generator's, with a decent drum beat in the back, maybe the bass guitar/line could be a little more jumpy and jazz like, but nothings perfect. In that sentance i would say this is pretty damn close to perfect though... i wish someone would remix "movin'" on FF8 aswell because that plainly rules.... VIVA LA FF8 REMIXS the best FF in the saga i give this masterpiece 9/10
  2. That remix was awesome, i usually go for the more upbeat faster remixes, but that was just right for flashback, theres not much music in flashback just some short's, i think that was done really well considering the game. The ambience is sheer euphoric, i could listen to that for eternity. Flashback it's self was a excellent game, the only way i could complete it was to use the door cheat on the last level considering the boss is just past there, and what a stupidly hard boss he was. Well certainly nostalgic and looking forward to more flashback.. ~Luke