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  1. If you haven't already, get this version of Timidity (Windows GUI). Open timidity.cfg as a text filt and replace it with this code: ## This sets the Timidity and Soundfont directories ## dir (Your Timidity directory-can't have spaces) dir (Your soundfont directory-can't have spaces) ## Complete Soundfonts ## soundfont Fluid_GM.sf2 #soundfont Personal_Copy.sf2 #soundfont Unison.sf2 ## Additional Instruments ## #soundfont Ahh_Choir.sf2 #soundfont Grand_Piano.sf2 #soundfont String_Orchestra.sf2 #soundfont String_Quartet.sf2 #soundfont Woodwinds.sf2 The complete soundfonts and additional instruments sections should be changed to match the names of your soundfont files. You can enable/disable soundfonts by putting a # sign in front of them. Finally, put a copy of timidity.cfg in C:\WINDOWS. Make sure in timpp32g.ini "ConfigFile=C:\WINDOWS\timidity.cfg". Open timidity and load a midi, it should now work. You don't need an SB Live! soundcard for Timidity to work. Also, here's a help file I wrote: (apologies for the long post)
  2. Is the program you are talking about Timidity++? If so, you don't even need the GUS patches - you can just use soundfonts. I'd be happy to tell you how to set up Timidity for soundfonts if that is the case.
  3. Thanks for your help. Is there an easier way to load soundfonts in FL than by loading them individually for each track? It seems a waste of system resources to load an entire soundfont just to use one instrument.
  4. I'm new to fruityloops, and have been using it mainly to playback midi music with soundfonts. I've noticed that FL doesn't add MIDI events like portamento, modulation wheel, or expression to the playback. Is there a way to enable these?