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  1. Although I am in little position to judge, nor have I the particular talent necessary to orchestrate pieces of music that have graced this website throughout it's existence, this particular piece leaves much to be desired. It's very being wrought pain and suffering amongst my family whom, upon twenty seconds of the song, demanded that it dwell forever more within the recycle bin. Ever a glutton-for-punishment, I finished the song. Much akin to "The Rite of Spring", my listening experience ensued parallel to it's first showing. Within seconds, I booed and hissed and eventually grew violent wail
  2. Is it as dumb as your atrocious spelling? Heh... Is atrocious too big of a word for you as well? Twit... heh anyways, ignore the person who previously said the denouncing stuff regarding this remix... why? The reason is that it really is quite good! It's really, really, really calming making me... almost... doze... off... into... a calmfull... blis-
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