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  1. Definitely not true. Metsubo, Beholdbojangles, and WeirdBoyScott (three prominent old-school OCRers) are all in Dallas. And that's just Dallas... the Texas list has more people than anywhere else, except California and Virginia area.

    And I'm from Dallas originally, but I currently live in San Antonio. :)

    YEAH WHAT HE SAID!(google search of myself brought this up LOL OLD!)

  2. Hey guys long time no see. Anyway, long story short I hate Guitar Hero II for the 360 because the controller is borked right out of the box. None of the buttons work right and the green button hits orange and picks. Is this happening to anyone else or am I just an unlucky sob?

  3. This song relates nothing to 80's hair metal. I don't quite understand where that came from, but it's rather unrelated to this peice entirely. Andricon, you are making a gross generalization by saying that this sort of guitar sound, instantly equals 80's hair metal. Which is simply not true. This peice is a unique composition, and was orchestrated very well. I do not agree that he is deserving to be in the top 100 lists of guitarists, he isn't that skilled(well, it doesn't show on this track). He does deserve to get some recognition for his moderate ability to shred(although only momentarily). I do find this song compelling, but the review you posted was completely fabricated. Maybe if you try expanding your musical horizons, you will notice that not all music in a single genre, is under the same sub-genre. Hair-metal? No, my friend, not at all. Before you negatively review a song, please understand what you are writing about before-hand. Otherwise people will be offended, not only by harsh words, but by your blatant showing of ignorance.

    Edit: It seems I was very repetative in this review.....Great.

  4. This is one of the few songs that actually makes me a little sad that it's over. I heard the hung note that was spoken of, but it doesn't change the song overall in any way. The overall feel of this is good. This would be an awesome background music for the game instead. I could listen to this over and over again. It's a very good remix. The clarinet(I think)adds a good sound that keeps the happy upbeat remix a little down to earth.

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