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  1. Ohh hay Metsubo, lurk much?

  2. YEAH WHAT HE SAID!(google search of myself brought this up LOL OLD!)
  3. So I traded it in today and got a new one, and this time I can play, but none of the cheats seem to be working anymore. Specifically hyper speed. :C
  4. I absolutely love the game. I like trying to beat Jordan on expert.
  5. So you really think I just got a broken guitar?
  6. That's a different issue. Maybe, I don't know. My issue is that, as I have discovered, Guitar Hero is treating my controller as if it were a regular xbox 360 controller, and not reading it as a guitar.
  7. Hey guys long time no see. Anyway, long story short I hate Guitar Hero II for the 360 because the controller is borked right out of the box. None of the buttons work right and the green button hits orange and picks. Is this happening to anyone else or am I just an unlucky sob?
  8. Why, what is it? I've never clicked anyone's sig that wasn't specifically related to something I was interested in... Hold the mouse over it, and look at the URL. Then think "eel"
  9. I'd seed, but I took all of the files out of their individual folders, so now I have one collective folder, and last time I tried to seed, it didn't like that too much.......
  10. I'm writing this as I listen, and so far, I like what I hear. I loved the transition at 1:29. Everything is done so beautifully in this song. :3 OH SNAP! BOLERO OF FIRE! *shock* Beautifully done as well. Koji Kondo would be proud. Unknown is a king among men...A king among men...
  11. Why does he have to be from Texas? Bah. Anyways, I still like the song! w00t m4x!
  12. I am impressed. Very subtle , and the volume fades work really well. I like the dynamics and the overall feel of the remix. But I was moderately annoyed by the fact that the song wasn't listed in the remix information....
  13. This is oddly....a really good song. Hmm. I suppose you can't go wrong when you have such high calibur singing talent.
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