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  1. Ahhhh... but the Victory fanfare IS there! It's just not at the end, but in the middle (just before the tempo slows down before the "improv solo section"). Surprisingly, NOONE has realized it yet! I keep waiting for someone to go, "Oooh! Is that the victory fanfare in there?" but noone has. Maybe that's a good thing, because it was a total musical joke, and comes across as a really bad punn when people finally realize it's there... I've made many of my gamer friends really groan when they figure it out. About doing a remix of the victory fanfare, I DO actually have a version I've been wo
  2. Sure he did. The music in FF7:PC is exactly the same, they even did a fairly good job getting the midi to match, unlike in FF8:PC, where they did a less than adiquate job with the midi. Although strangely, I sort of like "Man with a Machine Gun" better in FF8:PC than in the PS version... weird. Anyway, that's for a different thread, I'm just babbling. - Eric
  3. Sheet Music: I know this hasn't been brought up in this post yet, but I thought this would be a good time to say so. I'm getting A LOT of emails about sheet music for this, several per day now. I started writing sheet music for this while I was practicing, so I could solidify the arpeggios. I started getting requests while it was on WIP, so I went ahead and finished it. It's in PDF format, a 113K download. I just wish there was a sheet music section on OCR. http://www.oberlin.edu/student/ebarker/Jenova.pdf Knock yourself out - Eric
  4. No problem, actually, I'm very impressed by the subtleties you picked up on here. Well, I still don't hear the pause at 0:45, but I bet if I took it into a wave editor, you might be right, there may be a slight hesitation, but I'm still not hearing it. As for 0:50, that's intentional, I always play that with a slight rallintando and then a slight accel, I think it raises a little tension during the rising 4ths. WOW, this is where I'm really impressed. I've never noticed that before, but you're right, heh, there is a wrong note there! It's a G when it should be a G#. It's just such an
  5. Gonna have to get a bit on the defensive here. There are a few minor speed issues, mostly having to do with rushing of repeated notes. All the major pauses were intentional, of course. Besides that, I don't know what you are reffering to. "shift hands up and down"? That actually has nothing to do with it. For my own material, I HATE A minor. Actually, having black keys in there helps your hands to get their berings. The reason is... *drumroll* the original was in A minor, and since different keys sound differently, I didn't want to change that. I always tend to play arrangements in
  6. Interesting thoughts. Well, for one thing, during the section that's up an octave, I switch up the bass, which goes into a 3 feel over the normal 4/4, creating a simple polyrythem, and makes it seem a bit off kilter and I think helps to make it a little more driving. It is interesting that you meantion the panning. That I deffinitely will look into. I think I had them panned around -60 and +60 (out of -100 to +100) left and right... which is usually a no no. I sorta went against my teachings there, usually they say to pan piano around 30-40 from the center, but I thought it helped to thic
  7. You people have said some great things... I'm glad there's been such a warm response... But actually, I'm even happier that there's been such a mixed response though. I wasn't writing this arrangement for everyone, and I'm actually quite tickled that it has caused so much debate and dissagreement... means I must be doing my job I'm not going for pure entertainment, after all. I am surprised that there was such arguement by the judges, though, over the beginning pedal point. To clarify things: yes, those dissonances were entirely intentional. It's a modal modulation of the prelude arpedg
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