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  1. Nooooooo! Please don't listen to the criticisms K. Praslowicz! I understand your vision. The bi-polar nature of the heavy distortion guitar the light whimsical piano is what make this song so great. It's like nothing I've ever heard before and it's extremely refreshing hear outside of the heavy house beats of most of the other songs here. Sure I love techno remixes as much as the next guy but there has to be some diversity as well to keep things fresh around here; and K. Praslowicz has just brought in a new shipment. I'm not saying that everyone can't have problems with it or even hate it for that matter, I just don't want K. Praslowicz to be discouraged from straying from the traditional path for his future songs. As for me I'll be waiting patiently next to the mailbox for his next delivery.