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  1. Hey guys, as someone above posted, I've just recently returned! Can't believe it's actually been 7 years since I last submitted a song here. As for info, I got married almost two years ago, and I'm a pastor, currently studying in seminary in Massachusetts.

    Music? I don't play as much piano as I did since I was a piano major in college, but I do keep up with it from time to time. Composition's been slow these last few years, but I did recently release an album that I'd been putting off for a while..

    My site was down for years, but I recently revived it.


    Anything new around here?

  2. I probably won't finish most of these, but here are some demos and sketches; would love to hear what anyone thinks..


    Actually wrote this 5+ years ago, when the first Pirates of the Carribean movie came out, but I still like it. Was inspired by it and sketched a battle scene..one day I'll finish it..


    Short sketch of..a winding corridor?


    Just messin around with some electronic instruments..


    More recent than the other battle song; prob some kind of war..


    Most recent WIP I've made. Don't mind the massive percussion at the end; it's just an experiment haha. I like this one, and plan to finish it..

  3. Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I've been in this community; actually first time I ever posted on this site was eight years ago, lol.

    Anyhow, my site continued to run, and I continued to make originals, until a few years ago, when it started to get slow, with a lot of changes in my life, such as marriage, etc.

    Finally released my first album I'd been putting off for years..


    Here's the rest of my music, for those who want to hear..


    Let me know what you think of anything!

    Appreciate any comments in advance,


  4. Thanks guys!! All comments welcome indeed!!

    Time flies hahaha!!!!

    Anyhow, for those that asked for sheet music, I'm sorry to say that I never made any, since this piece was improvised. However, if you go to http://klutz.vgmidi.com/music.php you can find the midi, and open it with a midi editor. There are a few songs there, though that you can find that other people have transcribed for me. Or you can also ask in the Sheet Music section at the site to see if anyone's transcribed it. Thanks!


  5. I already commented on this at VGMix, but I just gotta say that this song is fabulous. This fits the huge gap on OCR as well, as there are very very few classical piano arrangements on this site (I don't consider my style classical at all). Also, speaking from a classical pianist's perspective, this song blew me away, as it is very intricate and complex, while providing great emotion, and the sense of direction is clear: they knew what he was doing. Black Omen's arranging, Dshu's playing, along with some of his flair, and MC's rendering go together quite well. A great inspiration and motivation to see people making things like this, and for games haha!!

    Very genius and well thought out. Don't hesitate to download this one..

  6. Thanks to all your comments again! For those of you looking for sheet music, someone has transcribed this song for me. As of now, it is available in Overture (*.ove) format. Also, pertaining to the left and right hand positions, it may not be exactly how I played it, but play the piece

    how it would most be comfortable to you =).

    Check out http://klutz.vgmidi.com/music.htm for the piece.

    Thanks a lot Nana!


  7. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! =)

    Glad you guys enjoyed it (for those of you who did).

    Yeah, it is true that this song is pretty old..improved since then..I don't know? About the sheet music some of you may be wondering about, I've never made any sheet music out of any of my songs before, but there is someone who has transcribed this piece for me, and it's in overture file format. Should I leave it in that format? Not sure of any other way to release it, anyways, I'll post it up at my site after I go back home from school and proofread it.

    I certainly don't think I'm an awesome pianist or anything, heh..I usually just try to create or arrange easy listening music. You guys do have an interesting point of the music growing a bit repetitive, hehe. While it is true that these pieces may be improvised, I'm trying to change my style of playing these days too, we'll see how that goes, I guess, heh..

    Well, thanks again guys!



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