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  1. Drats,I've lived in MA 7 years now and still have yet to check you guys out at PAX! The timing is not good I'm afraid..
  2. I miss your Music so much. Ever since "Grateful for Grace" aka "Grace" i fell in love with you arrangements and have always been looking up to you. You gave me so much inspiration that you will always have a strong influence on my Songs.

  3. Hello! I would be super happy if you do a remix of Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright! I'll even give you the music:

    There! My duty as a good soul of the music community is finished. Hope you like it!

    Yours truly,


  4. I notice that http://klutzmusic.com/ is down... for good? or a short-term blip?

  5. Hey neat, I live close to Boston.. maybe I'll swing by..
  6. Sorry if this is a repeat; been out of the loop for a while.. Is there an anticipated release date?
  7. Slowly but surely =D Good to see you Iggy, it's been a while..
  8. Haha, thanks for your support guys. Thought I was forgotten since it's been so long.. I guess I could try to submit the FF1, but since it was a long time ago, I'm a bit picky; and I wonder if most people have already heard that one..
  9. Haha yes, I'll give a go and submit more songs! I'm actually waiting on equipment to come in.. I was going to see how well this album was going to be received before I invested more time and money in the future, since I have a family, unlike my teenage and college years =D.. Thanks a lot for your support guys! Glad you enjoyed it..
  10. Hey guys, long time since I've been here. Hmm, not sure why I never submitted it..too late now though, I'd say.. My site's back up now, so you can get it at http://klutzmusic.com/music.php -Greg
  11. Hey guys, as someone above posted, I've just recently returned! Can't believe it's actually been 7 years since I last submitted a song here. As for info, I got married almost two years ago, and I'm a pastor, currently studying in seminary in Massachusetts. Music? I don't play as much piano as I did since I was a piano major in college, but I do keep up with it from time to time. Composition's been slow these last few years, but I did recently release an album that I'd been putting off for a while.. My site was down for years, but I recently revived it. http://www.klutzmusic.com Anything new around here?
  12. Good to see you're still around and making music.. I like it; groovy and hard..like the transition at 1:00; really digging that melody. What sounds are you using for this? This song also reminds me of a race track. Sounds nice, I'd keep it.. "The All-New Honda.."
  13. I probably won't finish most of these, but here are some demos and sketches; would love to hear what anyone thinks.. http://klutzmusic.com/samples/battle2.mp3 Actually wrote this 5+ years ago, when the first Pirates of the Carribean movie came out, but I still like it. Was inspired by it and sketched a battle scene..one day I'll finish it.. http://klutzmusic.com/samples/flow.wav Short sketch of..a winding corridor? http://klutzmusic.com/samples/space.wav Just messin around with some electronic instruments.. http://klutzmusic.com/samples/war.wav More recent than the other battle song; prob some kind of war.. http://klutzmusic.com/samples/Time2.mp3 Most recent WIP I've made. Don't mind the massive percussion at the end; it's just an experiment haha. I like this one, and plan to finish it..
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