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  1. The ambience... definitely the most serious OC ReMix to date. The most chilling part for me was at 3:15, listen again for it.
  2. This Mix rocks, and should be getting more recognition than this. Even though wRenchpilot has only submitted two mixes here, he is a master of creating that evil mood that many of us find encompassing.
  3. Better and better... I could say more, but that wouldn't be more than restating what Joe Redifer just said.
  4. Nice work, about time we had a Figaro ReMix. I have to say I like the beginning better than the end, but that's probably because I like sad themes in music. I now listen to this mix every time I go on my comp. Good work, Jon.
  5. What got me hooked on CotMM. The mood is undeniably one of the strongest created on the site. Keep 'em comin'.
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