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  1. Damn. I would crap my pants for such a remix. I'd love to hear what SGX'd would do to that horrible singing - for some reason, I just can't stop thinking of the original, which Dhsu's sig image would fit better than a fist in the butt! I mean, look at it! The faceless guy from Spirited Away + orion.78 singing = best combo ever
  2. Hilarious remix, to the least. I loved the original B4U, so this was no exception either. The song is really uniquely mixed - I thought you couldn't make this kind of remixes from DDR songs, maybe because there hasn't been any around. Nevertheless, great stuff SGX! Oh, about the remixing issue of who one can remix - here's a list of artists that you can (subject to change without notice, personal injuries for body and mind possible); 180, 190´, 200, 270, 290, .3k, Omega, Z, ZZ, Re-Venge / RevenG, De-Sire, 8-bit, 2MB, Naoki, Naoki Underground, mitsu-O! and Luv Unlimited. The list can go on longer, but my mind is numb, because I'm awake at a painstaking 9:30AM, but as far as I remember - all the Konami Originals are DDR-only songs, and what I give respect to -- all the artists listed earlier, plus a lot more, are done by the same person. Oops, sidetrack! Sorry.
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