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  1. this song only plays twice during the game, once after you drop Bow off at the hut after the garbage pail quest, and when Ryu charges at the final battle. it's not listed in the track list, and i've never found any mention of it. if anyone could either send me a clip of the original track or remix it, i would be very appreciative.
  2. unbeatable bosses, beak(1) and Tiga from BoF2. sigma in any form. partly because i suck at most sidescrollers. most rpgs i blow through but never get around to finishing because im prone to perfectionism. death is an ass to kill, you can do it if you have the triple threat and the holy water, but it only works if you time it just right and freeze him in the flame on the first pass or so. need more remixes for mystic quest, faxanadu, FFadventure, and more good metal mixes >D
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