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  1. heh, i have actually had this excellent remix for a good while now (i got the hookups with my bro RAYZA!! ) *dies*. Ok, when rayza first told me he had done a remix of the lava reef zone with a latin flavor to it, i was like "hrmm, a techno genious going to latin flavored shtuff!" I didn't know what to expect, and then 30 minutes later (dial up) i listened to it and BAM!, i fell out of my chair, when i came to i had hair like EINSTEIN! (ok maybe i didnt but hey!!) if anyone actually reads these things, just know if you dont download this fine piece of work, then the sun will surely explode and we shall all die!! (someone shoot me please). Keep up the good work Rayza! you remain one of my top favorite remixers! (under djp of course) *wipes some brown stuff off his nose* wonder what that could be? .