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  1. I'm not a nazi of perfection, so I sometimes think that a mix's technical flaws benefit it a lot. There is something about the shrill and unnatural sound of the woodwind that I think gives the mix a signature that wouldn't be present otherwise. That I like. This is a case of a mix having an artistic reaction that is probably outside of the artist's intention, which I guess is the beauty of art. In line with this, I don't see 'Within the Fable' as a relaxing piece (it fails in that regard because of its contrasting pitch); more of a thoughtful presentation of a terrific melody. And overall an excellent mix.
  2. What I like about this mix is that it really thrives in the shadow the SnappleMan, GrayLightning mix 'Distorted Star'. Like others have said, 'Distorted Star' packs a lot more punch, but I definately don't think it replaces or takes worth away from the mix at hand. I've always thought the source tune was deceptively dark and foreboding whilst also being meditative and ethereal, and I really think this remix captures that ambiguity. 'Distorted Star' focuses on the dark sound, and maybe for the better, but I still really dig 'Drifting Towards the Stars' for its liquid and contemplative deepness. If that makes any sense at all.
  3. This mix is interesting, because it's not even close to being OCRemix's shortest mix, but seems terribly short regardless. When you compare it to 'MindOfTheMotherBrain', another of AmIEvil's mixes which is just 6 seconds longer, you'll notice that the Metroid mix uses up its short time much more effectively and as a result feels about 75% longer than the mix at hand. I don't think it is just because 'MindOfTheMotherBrain' is a better mix (although it is). It probably has more to do with the shape of the mix. 'AmIEvil' takes us from A to B pretty methodically in one perfectly drawn arc. My theory is that when we can see our destination, we get there faster, and that's the case with this mix. There just isn't enough substance to brake our pace. Overall, an unsurprising and brief listen, but so is a lot of videogame music in general. It makes the grade.
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