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  1. Yay for awesomeness! In light of this new development, I will now listen to all the VGDJs I have backlogged on my comp.
  2. Wait, do we actually have an alliance to join at the moment, cause I'm on the fence with the IRON people, and I need to know how soon this is gonna go down.
  3. Dr. Specter, leader of Warchland Orange team, located on a small island between Cuba and Hati. EDIT: National resources are water and aluminium if anybod wants to trade
  4. Damn, The Dwelling of the Duels' bandwith was exceeded. I was looking to get my hands on some good MGS mixes. Oh well, I'll check later. Anyway, great job with the show guys. Fusion was cool, but I like Aurora better. Although this does bring up the possibility of guest hosts (or not, I'm kinda on the fence as to whether that's a good idea or not). Whatever, I just hope you can get Aurora back on ASAP.
  5. Huzzah! Let's hope my RSS feed-reader catches it.
  6. I agree, the non-traditional interview style seems better. I like hearing about what the remixers have to say about their stuff. And for the clips vs whole songs issue (ok, I know it's old) just play longer clips. Oh, and I voted, just so ya' know.
  7. Show = Pure condensed awsomeness in a can (or in my case, an mp3 player). The show is actualy way more informative than I thought it would be. I had no idea that there was a Kirby project in the works, so thanks for bringing that up. Also, I loved the Rama report, very cool . Just a suggestion, I think the WIP reveiw should be included. It doesn't have to be your favorite, just pick one and review it. Anyhow, keep up the great work guys!
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