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  1. As I've said before, MGS is pretty much my favorite game of all time (if you couldn't tell from my avatar and sig). In fact, I currently have in my possession: Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (not the limited edition, unfortunately) Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Metal Gear Acid Metal Gear Acid 2 Metal Gear Digital Graphic Novel (Take that, blueblazer ) Though I have played the GBC Metal Gear, I was never really a fan of the 2D versions. IMO, Portable Ops (the PSP one) was better, even if it wasn't as true to the series in terms of gameplay and presentation (though I love the art style used for the cutscenes). I can forgive that though, since it was really tailored for a portable system, and is only meant to be played in short segments.
  2. Personally, I think this is a worse offense than his musical theft shenanigans...it's like being stabbed in the brain with words. And the scary part is that there are two more chapters. Let's hope he sticks with his music career, 'cause at least it's a crime he can get arrested for.
  3. Here's another take on the situation by Game Revolution http://www.gamerevolution.com/manifesto/view.php?id=402 While I've never been a big reader of Gamespot (I generally use 1UP and GR for my gaming fix), I've never really had anything against them in terms of reviewer integrity. That being the case, I definitely think that cnet is the problem here for being a pushover. It's not like the corporation doesn't already make shittons of money from all it's other publications/websites, and I think that a reviewer who is at the very least honest with the readers would have been more valuable than the ad money from Eidos.
  4. Both the original and PC versions of Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 and MGS2:Substance (For both PC and PS2), MGS3 and MGS3:Subsistence and the Limited Edition version of Subsistence thanks to ebay. Granted, Substance and Subsistence aren't the same as their original games, but their content doesn't exactly warrant another purchase (for a sane person, anyways).
  5. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than the second one, mostly because of the back-stabbing and nefarious plotting. That's what I liked about the first one, and although they went a little overboard on this one, I still had fun watching it. Besides, it's not that hard to keep track of if you're paying attention. Spoilers: Also, the whole "wedding in the middle of a sword fight" was totally ridiculous. Seriously.
  6. That whole episode was a series of "Oh shits"s and "What the fuck?"s. Okay, Charlie dying was probably the dumbest thing ever. Seriously, he could have just left the damn door open and the water would have taken an hour or so to fill the station. Also, I hope to god they explain who Naomi was, because Ben was clearly wrong when he said that she would kill everybody, and she obviously wasn't out to find Desmond (or maybe she was, but she wasn't from Penny). Thirdly, thank god Locke isn't dead. He's the only person on that damn island with a functioning brain. Also, I'm gonna guess that Walt was some kind of apparition, and not actually Walt himself (possibly related to Jacob somehow?). The flash-forwards were pretty trippy. I was suspicious of what they were for most of the time, but he kept mentioning his father, which threw me off. I have no idea who died, and I'm not going to speculate since it's pretty useless That pretty much wraps up my thoughts. One final thing (not finale related): does anyone else think the "smoke monster" might be a cloud of nanomachines? That seems like something the Dharma people would set up just for fun.
  7. Ace Combat 5 - YES One of my all time favorites, this game is a superb arcade flight-sim (as oxymoronic as that sounds). The graphics, variety of planes, and music are all excellent and improved from even 04. The narrative is also amazing, just like the other games in the series. The only complaint I have is the fact that they removed multiplayer, which I loved in 04.
  8. Yeah, I was just listening to a podcast talking about this kind of thing. Basically, print magazines used to be something that people needed because there was no other way to get news. However, now that the internet has sped up news delivery exponentially, magazines need to be something that people want to buy instead of need to buy, which is probably how NP faltered.
  9. Specter

    EvE Online

    ^^ Yeah. I actually find it useful, because it makes the game great for multitasking. Though if you have nothing else to do it does get boring.
  10. What, no PC love? Anyways, here's my list PS2: Guitar Hero 2 Shadows of the Colossus Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Grand Theft Auto III Final Fantasy XII Ace Combat 5 XBox: Halo Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Psychonauts Beyond Good and Evil Game Cube: Super Smash Brothers Melee Resident Evil 4 Eternal Darkness Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure PSP: Syphon Filter (I forget the subtitle) Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops LocoRoco Tekken: Dark Ressurection
  11. Specter

    EvE Online

    I played for a few days, but the computer I'm using doesn't have the system specs to run it at a framerate I'm willing to play with. As soon as I get a new one though, I'm planning to get back in.
  12. Specter


    Ah, another Korean MMO. They're usually pretty fun for about 5 or so hours, but some have some real staying power. I'll check it out.
  13. Specter


    Just because you don't understand what's going on doesn't make it a bad show. Anyways, here's my theory on the whole future thing: Originally, nobody saves Claire so Sylar gets her power. During a fight with Sylar, Future Hiro stabs him (because Isaac's comic book said to) and he regenerates. FHiro escapes and some time later, Peter explodes but survives because he's immune to his own radiation (like Ted).In the process, he kills a bunch of New York, but none of the main characters (except for Ando). Nathan blames Sylar for the explosion to save Peter, making FHiro think that Sylar killed Ando. FHiro then goes back in time and warns Peter to save Claire. Meanwhile, Sylar goes around and sneakily kills much of the cast (DL and Nathan, for instance). Because of FHiro's time-travel, the Original Future is changed to Alternate Future The only difference here is that Sylar never gets Claire's healing power, leaving her alive. Sylar himself is still alive because Past Hiro travels into the future and never gets around to stabbing Sylar. Otherwise, everything else is prety much the same. Now PHiro will go back in time to stab Sylar (although the actor who plays Sylar has supposedly been given a recurring role next season, so who knows wat will actually happen).
  14. That reminds me of Ace Combat 5 for some totally inexplicable reason.
  15. The only problem I'd have with this is sanitation. As long as the goat was clean, there's not really a problem with it just hanging out on display. Although I'd imagine it'd start to stink after a while. EDIT: ^^ Actually, it was
  16. I dunno. I kinda feel that adding all the MGS2 features pretty much broke the game. I mean, the the fight with Ocelot is so easy with the first person controls that I beat him in less than a minute.
  17. I kinda have mixed feelings about this. One one hand, the Sony systems are pretty well designed, and they are pretty innovative. On the other hand, Kutaragi is one crazy ass motherfucker.
  18. I've gotten pretty bored with the FF series as of late, so I don't even know if I'll pick this one up. Of course, there's not much info on it, so I can't make a judgment yet. Oh, and to everybody say MGS4 is next, Kojima confirmed that it's a PS3 only title. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if the "Special Edition" version (like Substance and Subsistence) goes to 360 (and even PC) though.
  19. Oh man, I went to their concert in San Francisco...way beyond awesome. Probably the best concert I've ever been to.
  20. Holy shit this game is awesome. I'm only on the second GDI mission in Egypt (with the port you have to destroy), but everything about this game is classic C&C. I have yet to try out the online, but I'm suspecting that I'll get my ass kicked more than a few times.
  21. Specter


    Heroes is quite possibly the best show currently on television. It's either that or Battlestar Galactica. Too bad it's on the hiatus AGAIN. Now we have to wait 'til April 26th before we can once again bask in its glory.
  22. Last Exile is pretty awesome, and Full Metal Panic is good too (not the weird "Fumofu" season though).
  23. I just ordered the DMC3 port off teh intarwebs, and I'll be able to verify if it's slashtastic goodness holds up on the PC. The fact that it looks like a PS2 game is actually a plus in my case, seeing as how my "new" computer has a craptacular GT5600 and an even shittier P4. In fact, I think I'll be investing heavily in ported PS2 games for the near future.
  24. Now I'm gonna have to chose between MGS4 and Ace Combat... ...Fuck.
  25. Wait, seriously? I thought they just said they were gonna along with RE4 but never got around to it. If they did though, I need to start looking.
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