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  1. I thought maybe this would get fixed, but the .ogg versions of Kong in Concert - 07 - Vigilante - Beneath the Surface (Aquatic Ambiance).ogg are actually of Funky Monkey Love. Otherwise, great work to all.
  2. Here's what I was thinking: Since the bit torrent client is smart enough to know what files have already been downloaded and what files still need to be downloaded, it wouldn't be too hard to updated the .torrent file say, the first day of every month, with the new songs tacked onto the old directories. That way, everybody could get that month's new remixes while continuing to seed the old ones as well. The only major problem would be to coordinate the switchover every month, but it would probably just be a matter of getting the core seeders to switch over the majority of the bandwidth so that there would be no incentive to use the old torrent files. Also, I think it should be noted that everybody should be seeding, no matter what their bandwidth. My DSL slows to a crawl if I try to do anything, but I can spare 5kB/sec. It isn't much, but it is a megabyte in under 4 minutes, and if everybody did just 5kB/sec, the available speed would be astronomical.
  3. Will there frequently be new .torrent files that contain the new remixes that will work with the current directory structure so our torrent clients only download the new songs?