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  1. I did remove the reverb and removed the Vocals' Sample, replacing it with real recorded samples from a link in wikipedia under Kecak. I adjusted many samples to try to match what I could with the real recording. I find it much more exciting. I was hoping for that. Thanks for your thoughts. I may try to add more percussion.
  2. Don't be sorry, If you hated it, you hated it. Not many like this style of music. I thought about it all and the bells are too high of a pitch. It's very hard to get a good sample of voices for the Kecak but it is the best I could get. As for the original piece, it is a big leap from it. I was going for a more Indonesian/Bali/Java Style. Here's the real piece. Dark Lich.mp3
  3. HI, it's been a long while since I have composed a remix. This remix is based on the Idea of Bali-nese music that was used in the battle against the Dark Lich. I have tried to go very close to the actual gamelan style of music with the Kecak(Fast Vocal Percussion). Here's a link to it... http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=5353581&q=hi http://www.soundclick.com/paintingsonsilence
  4. I am always touched when I hear this song and with this second version I can't even try to hold my tears back. It hits me so hard. Thank you for your work on this remix.
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