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  1. VERY nice. I'm gonna have to listen to this baby a few times in a row, at least. This is definitely one of the top Chrono Cross Remixes, and that's sayin a LOT, since they're ALL good.
  2. A great song, made into an even greater remix. I love the smoothness of the music, and the general vibe and feel to the work. Great job.
  3. Oh, God, does this bring back memories. I remember that game so well...well, actually, I just played it a few months back. Lovely work. The elongated, distorted notes are quite, well, fantastic. Much Kudos.
  4. Wow, this song brings back memories. Russel did an EXCELLENT job remixing this baby. It's pure, in emotion, power, and majesty. It really captures Cloud's exposition, in crystal clear musical form. I just cannot imagine a better job than what Russel has already done with this. It's breath-taking, and awe-inspiring.
  5. I really enjoy this piece. It's very flowing, smooth, and pleasing to the ear. I love the bells, and the buildup, and, well, everything. It's a nice, Get-You-In-A-Good-Mood piece. After a few seconds of listening, I started grinning, and didn't stop till it ended. Then I hit play again, and grinned some more.
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