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  1. Okay, i'm having this weird technical problem with FL studio 5. Everytime i use FL, a rewire text file always appears in My Documents. I keep deleting them, but they'll keep on coming. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. I'm having a problem with the soundfont player in FL Studio 4. Okay, i set in the soundfonts into the player, right? Everything is all fine and dandy, and i save the project. When i re-open the project, all the sounfont players are set to the FL preset "Nineteen". What's up with that?
  3. For stings (solo), look for Cadenza or Florestan. For a reverse cymbal, search for sonic implants- it should be a demo sf2, so it's free.
  4. Anyone know where i can get some good middle-eastern vocal samples? t'Thanks!
  5. Questiion: How do I fade-out music? Like- since I can't really make a conclusion, i'd rather just fade it out. Can someone please tell me if this is possible? And how I could do it?
  6. I appear to always get these two error messages in Fl.... "Error reading the FLP file which may be corrupted." - Then whenever I try to open my projects- it won't allow me to... and... "Division by zero" - appears whenever I try to resize the playlist window... help....me....
  7. Another request. I need a good choir soundfont, or sample. I already have an excellent "ahh" choir, but now I need a: "ehh" and "ohh" choir. Also, I need a sample of a "ss" to place at the end of a note. So it will sound like: "Ohh-ss. Ahh-eeh-ohh-ss." Get what I mean? Anyway- help me. Thanks.
  8. I need a good Church Organ soundfont. The ones at Hammersound are horrid, and I couldn't find any other ones on the net...could you help me?
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeh, i checked the help files but they were too confusing...meh. PS: Darkesword, your soundfonts are amazing. Update your soundfonts site again!
  10. k... so, i noticed a little section on the sf player called "reverb". I tried everything. I moved the knob, placed the 'built in' button on, and the lcd thing. Nothing happened. Someone help....
  11. I have a stupid question. How do you add reverb to percussion instruments? Like- I know how to add reverb to say strings etc, but not percussion. SO. Can anyone help me here? Because, I love the squidfont orchestral percussion kit, but there is hardly any reverb, so i need to add some, but when i raise the little R bar, nothing happens, nothing changes. Help.
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