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  1. Well that was fast, lol - we got complaints, took it down. Damn BT client.. *grin*
  2. Well, I've left up my server seeding BT for a little bit for those to leech off from. Been pushing 350 k/sec to others throughout today for the second set of files. (OCR00501 to OCR01000) I might need to re-download the first set since I ran into garbled and mixed up mp3's (anyone run into this too?), which was odd. I was pushing around 800-1000 k/sec on the first set of files, but I can only do that in the AM - I can't do that during the PM. It would kill the servers we host. Anyhow, I'll be leaving up both sets limited at 100-200 k/sec (each set) for a bit of this week, or until we get comp
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