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  1. Well, when I downloaded this and listened to it I thought it wasn't good, but now that I started listening to it again, all I can say is.. ...WHAT was I smoking at the time? This is brilliant! I like the rhythm and the guitar and everything. It all just fits the song so well.
  2. At some point I felt like I had downloaded all the interesting remixes of the games I know. Then I decided to download this just because the title caught my eye. You see, Pachelbel's Canon is one of my favorite songs. I don't regret downloading this, it's one of my very favorite mixes on this site. It's so beautiful, especially the parts at 1:30 and 2:30 - and the latter gets even more lovely when some other instrument joins at 2:52. The ending is pulled of nicely, it doesn't just fade out or end as if someone just cut the last part off. This song is dripping with emotion. It's somehow sad, a
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