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  1. I downloaded this mix a while back...and being that I've played Tales of Phantasia (and own the soundtrack,) I immediately loved this track. Even with the mistakes, this has been my favourite mix off of this website for quite some time. Being as this part in the game is depressing, I think the mood is just right (it's also good for roleplaying, if you like that sory of thing ) GLL, if you do remaster this mix, know that I'll download it the minute I see it on the front page of OCR, 'cause it will always remain my favourite.
  2. Wow. I must say, when I saw that this remix was submitted by a professional, I was amazed. Then I heard it. I'm still listening to it (and no, I will not let it stop until I'm sick of it). Terra's theme has always been one of my favorite video game character themes; I like to just sit and listen to it when I play the game (I do this with Schala's theme as well when I get to that point in Chrono Trigger, just let the game rack up hours while I sit and listen to her theme), and if FF6 was ever remade into a FFX/FFX-2-esque game (with the nice, pretty graphics and FMV's), I can see this piece being used. I especially love the grand finale, and the song gives me chills while listening to it. It also sends memories back of when I first played FF6 on Final Fantasy Anthology (and then later on my boyfriend let me play his SNES version ). This will stay on my list of favorite remixes from OCR.