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  1. Hey OCRemixers! After working on a few remix competitions this year, we thought it would be fun to start our own. We're as indie/unsigned as they get, so we can't offer a tremendous amount of publicity to the winners, so we thought, hey, let's try bribery instead. Here is the contest page and info: ----------------------- http://www.leitbur.com/think-of-tomorrow-remix-competition/ Grand prize: $250 prize (payable through Paypal), a release on an upcoming Think of Tomorrow Remix EP, promotion though social media and blogs, a signed copy of Think of Tomorrow, and a Leitbur remix of one of YOUR original tracks. Runners-up: $50 prize (payable though Paypal), a release on an upcoming Think of Tomorrow Remix EP, promotion though social media and blogs, and a signed copy of Think of Tomorrow. Rules: Open to all ages. By entering the contest you agree to waive any/all rights associated with your composition. All exclusive rights, including any derivative work, will remain with the original writers/publishers of the song selected. You can listen to the original here (Leitbur – Think of Tomorrow) and download the stems here (Think of Tomorrow Stems). The track is 106 bpm and in A Major. Please submit to the official Soundcloud group when finished. All musical styles are welcome. The deadline for submission is August 31st, 2012. Winners will be announced the following week, and the full remix EP will be released in early fall. If you have any questions, contact us here: jw@leitbur.com. Remix stems are also available here: Think of Tomorrow Remix Stems ZIP Download ----------------------- Also, stay tuned for a couple of submissions we're working on for zircon's FF6 compilation. Should be pretty epic!
  2. Yeah, the problem is most likely EQ. Your KRK Rokits are studio monitors, so the frequency response is going to be pretty flat. It's easy to overcompensate in these situations and mix the bass or treble at too hot a level. If your high-end is crackling on laptop speakers (which has a very accentuated high-end), then it's probably much higher than it needs to be. Laptop speakers have very little bass response, though, so don't use those levels as an accurate representation. Instead, I would recommend bringing the mix into a car and listening on crappy car speakers (the crappier the better) with the "bass" knob turned all the way up. If it completely overpowers your mix, sounds muddy, then your bass level might be too hot as well. The right approach would be to listen to professionally produced mixes on your Rokits and try to match their bass and treble level. You want something called "harmonic balance," which basically means your track is pretty even across the entire EQ spectrum. If it's balanced, then it will sound "good" on any system. As a cheat, in the mastering stage, you can use something like Har-Bal (http://www.har-bal.com/) to match a track's EQ levels to a professionally produced mix. I generally mix the mids myself, but use Har-Bal to double-check my high- and low-end. Hope that helps!
  3. Glad you guys are enjoying it! Also, thanks for the tweet about it Larry!
  4. Hey everyone, Leitbur here (or Arkimedes/JTWidman from way-back-when on OcR and VGMix). I've been hard at work producing a new EP of original material. It's been getting some good press so far, and we're just starting an indie/college radio campaign. =) Check it out, and let me know what you think! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/leitbur/sets/think-of-tomorrow-ep Bandcamp: http://leitbur.bandcamp.com/
  5. Hey, TuneCore costs $5 per album per year? x_x

    Why has nobody made it easier for musicians to get their music around? :-(

  6. That's the one thing Reason needs... VST support.
  7. I just love how ANYTHING is possible in Reason using their baseline effects. Just depends on how you chain them together. An example: load up a multiband compressor preset, open up the Combinator and take a look at what they did. Simple and brilliant. It's not as effective as a standalone VST plugin, but still pretty cool. I haven't used FL in forever, but from what I remember, their workflow just wasn't as organic.
  8. I sequenced and mixed my entire album in Reason. The only thing I did elsewhere were the vocal edits, but even then most of the processing effects were done in Reason.
  9. Thanks for the in-depth review Sub! Really poured my heart into this one. =) I appreciate your taking the time out to listen and comment on all of it. @JH: Haha, that thing was a blast to make! I'll probably do one for Eye of the Storm in January/February.
  10. That video challenge looks pretty fun! First thing's first, though -- I need to get back in the game and actually produce a new OCRemix, haha. The last one I did was all the way back in 2004 or 2005 when I was still learning the ins and outs of writing/production. I think I can put together something pretty epic now. =)
  11. thanks! yeah, I went for strange on this one... my brother pointed out this video ( ) which has 2.5 million hits and is weird as hell. seems like weird wins the day on the internet, rofl.
  12. Hey everyone! Just finished production on an animated, SUPER MARIO themed music video for "Work This Out." Check it out! I'm trying to get this sucker to go viral, so I need you guys to spread this around on FB or wherever else you can think of. Gamers represent! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCfMLtGVrTU
  13. Haha, y'know, I never played the Castlevania series that much. I was much more into JRPGs at the time... but you're right, Castlevania has some sick music. I know this is really recent, but I kind of want to do something with the main theme from Mass Effect 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOvwAYLWO88 I think I could hit the epic button HARD on that one. @RDX: just sent you a PM, haha.
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