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  1. The first song is kind of creepy lol. I might just have to buy this. I wish commercial artists dabbled in the lo-fi world a little more, people would love this kind of sound. Or at least they should. i also like your album art
  2. This Jack fellow is a complete asshole who should probably quit acting like a little kid if he wants to be taken seriously, but he's right, no one has really properly refuted him.
  3. if oot has a link fails ending then shouldn't all games have one?
  4. Recessed until tomorrow. I'm not fully educated on what SOPA is, but it really does sound borderline draconian. Some of the recent bills passed honestly look like it's Congress and the White House digging in for some kind of revolt, which I guess was kind of bound to happen but it's still depressing as fuck. I guess that's just the way things go... edit: january, not tomorrow. im stupid. edit2: wait hold up, it was today, now recessed until january. ok.
  5. The thing that bothered me the most about Skyward Sword was how abrupt the ending was. I mean, sure it took me 45 hours, more than double the time it took me to 100% Twilight Princess, but the entire game things are always escalating, and then all of a sudden, what seems like more plot progression becomes the final boss. It just didn't seem like that big a deal that Zelda was having her soul sucked out and Ghirahim had captured her, stuff like this happened all the time. I think a lot of it had to do with the Song of the Hero sidequest, because right after Zelda crystallized herself I was pum
  6. how is swinging a stick shaped controller like a sword in a game where your character uses a sword half assed so how does this make nintendo's finished product overall unenjoyable so not being able to spin attack constantly breaks the flow of the game? i mean, if you're fine with stamina being applied to sprinting and link's pseudo parkour, then the only thing left is swimming and spin attacks.i dont get you
  7. yeah i agree. well i didn't actually cry, but i was more touched than I thought i'd be from a zelda game. why dont we just make everything dungeon rush mode because dungeons are the only enjoyable thing in zelda games anyway.i don't understand why everyone needs instant gratification all the time every time. it takes me like, 5 seconds max to push through those item get boxes and sit through the little cutscene. i'm wasting my time anyway playing a video game, it's not that big of a deal, i can wait. and then people call this "game breaking" and "unacceptable"? 5 seconds. also i'd like to po
  8. That's pretty cool! I wasn't too fond of the boss in the next dungeon, which is kind of a shame since just about every single boss fight up until then was absolutely amazing. And it sucks that I already know what the next boss is, but it sounds pretty awesome so I'm stoked. This is probably one of the best games in the series...I think part of why I'm not enjoying it as much as I should is just because I'm older, but I can't help but notice how much soul and creativity they put into this game. Almost everything sparks my imagination on the same level those N64 games did when I was younger. I
  9. Hey guys i found something pretty cool. Another awesome case of Nintendo referencing some random folktale in their games. *****Spoilers for the 4th dungeon****** Remember the part where you're climbing up the thread and the zombie bokoblins try to grab onto you? Go to wikipedia and search for "The Spider's Thread". I'd post a link to it, but then the hyperlink will show up instead of being white text. The chances of that just being a coincidence is way too small. I love it when Nintendo does stuff like this. *****End spoilers******
  10. I'm one of the few people who liked Galaxy 2 loads better than Galaxy 1. I didn't like that Galaxy 1 had a story, lol. I honestly think it would've been cooler if they created an entirely new character for Galaxy, because the atmosphere and the music in general weren't quite as upbeat as Mario games always had been up until then. But whatever, they're both great games. Galaxy 2 is probably the best game I've played in years. My problem with Mario Land 3D is that I'm just bored with the Galaxy-type structure. Same music, same graphical style, same level gimmicks. Instead of waggling to flip th
  11. should've been a haikuI dunno how I feel about this. I guess it says something about me that I had a much stronger reaction to this reading the title than when I heard someone I knew died a few weeks ago. But if he's still making games...that's good. What kind of games though? Are we going to see cute minigames like Wii Music and those Brain Age type games? Or is he going to make us something creative along the lines of Pikmin? I always wished Miyamoto had a more direct role in making games, just to see what he'd do, so maybe this will be a good thing. i dunno. Zelda is in good hands, I gues
  12. yeahI know everyone else who likes Mario is still enjoying Mario, but I wish they'd introduce a new gimmick or at least a new style. Even some of the music from 3D Land is stripped straight from the Galaxys.
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