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  1. Hey now! Probably the best interpretation of this song I've heard yet on OCR. Not as creative as some others, but definitely the best one. A few minor suggestions still: 1. FX are great, but turn them and the drums down a notch or two. 2. Synths rock, but kick 'em up a notch or two. Other than that I have no criticism. Very raw beginning, I almost got impatient waiting for the melody line, but it's cool. Keep it up Beatdrop. PS: For all who wondered what happened to me, I took the wrong warp pipe at Albuquerque. Aside from that I am almost done with school. Still piecing together a DK remix. Sorry for the minor blog, but to all, if you haven't dloaded this mix, go for it.
  2. Well, actually a little less than always. Though my analysis would have to fall in with that of david_dude_22 or wolf tooth, I have little else to add... Hmm, well, listening again as I write this review, I do have to say I enjoy not only the tranquill flute patch and brook, but also like the dash of strong piano chord. Simple and nice, not very involved; good job. Rating: 4/5
  3. Well, it's about time for some more Mario mixes: this one's cool and refreshing--not too involved, yet swimmable. Well there is little I can add but I'll try. The rapid panning effects work nicely in such a slow remix, reminds me of light quickly reflecting off of waves or ripples. The minor (small, not musical) digression from the main melody is not at all out of place, in fact, it's one of the main things that keep the mix afloat (or diving, however ya wanna look at it). It did indeed sound as if it should belong in a HI-FI 3D Mario game, as PlummerinParadise brought out. (BTW: that guy is sick, do I have to share an avatar with him?) Beauty-full stuff, keep it up AstroHorse. ... WAIT! Hmmm... Rating: 5/5
  4. Well, I have a few comments on this remix, none bad. First off, since my own mixing skills are amature at best, I liked the fact that this piece was easily audibly followable. Often a remix doesn't seem to be such unless it is repetitive or just cheezy (yes cheezy, not cheesy). Happily, this mix struck me as neither. As far as the instruments go, though they were not cutting edge, they really did well in their respective positions. The drums struck me as a bit flat, but in their context it wasn't a problem. I am slightly curious as to why the ending seemed to be a partial loop of the earlier part of the song though. One final comment: I think what I liked most about the mix was the ambient background set by the strings, either that or the flangy sound effects sprinkled on the song. Nice work. Rating: 4/5
  5. Great mix, I can't say much that ain't already been said (minus the low-vocab profanity explicatives). This does kinda sound like it belongs on Sonic 3d though, niftaaayyyy. Rating: 5/5
  6. I have nothing to add to the praise already given (though I care nothing for pirate movies, my evil brother likes that stuff.). Good orchestral mix, but not rigidly symphonic. I especially appreciate the sharp bits of brass in the right channel. Well whatta ya know, I did have something to say. Rating: 5/5
  7. I'll try to be a bit more intuitive than the last review poster. Although Mario music is my strong suit, I've dabbled in Sonnic enough to like it. Also, along with Mario and Zelda, Sonic remixes are among the toppest in quality on the site. But enough of that. To be objective, at 00:10 I was prematurely wondering if the mix was going anywhere. But at about 00:40 when the drums kick in, I got into it more. The mix has a nice steady rise and an equally pleasing decline at the end, with all instruments coming in on their cues. Is the mix repetative? Yes, a little? Is it monotonous? No, I don't think so. The patches are good enough, and their interface with eachother is implemented well enough, so that the mix, though not pulling much in the way of surprise and improvization, has a nice steady run. Overall rating: 4/5
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