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  1. You guys are awesome thank you very much. My stupid laptop came with Windows Vista I contacted Creative they said the external EMU 0404 sound device will support vista in the future...but I can't wait this long...sigh...
  2. Hi, i'm looking for an external sound card for my laptop because the onboard one I have just STINKS. So I have 2 questions for you. 1) Are there any well made external sound cards that support Windows Vista? 2) Will I need an external power source for this sound card? (please tell me it can run off laptops power) a few unrelated questions if anyone knows 3) Are there any sound cards that let you record with an XLR cable? 4) Recording vocals with a Shotgun boom mic, is this a bad idea? Want to get an Azden SM-2X boom mic for filming, and for vocals for music, hoping it'll work for both. Man I suck when it comes to technology, thanks for your time!
  3. I know this is a bit off topic but I dont know where else to ask because you guys sure know your stuff Do any of you know of a driver that would allow my MIDI keyboard to essentially become a typing keyboard? And where I could assign them manually The reason I ask is theres an online game (lord of the rings online) that has an in-game music system where you can play with other people over the internet, theres a little lag, but its still awesome. It only lets you play 24 notes on your typing keyboard. I'd love to be able to play on a piano hehe. Thanks!
  4. no problem I don't know enough about the technology to have asked a more specific question. But say on an average amount of instruments loaded with under your typical circumstances with a high end computer im wondering whats possible. I do mainly everything with live recording and i'm always having to edit my timing mistakes because of the delays it messes my playing up.
  5. Been using my audigy and it seemed like it hated me or crapped out on me and no longer works was able to get 10ms with it and was satisfied with that but would have liked to get 3 or 4 Now i'm back to my friggin SB live that gets me 21ms its horrid I can't play like that hehe. What can I expect to see with the EMU 0404? Thanks!
  6. I got slayer 2 and you were right sounds much better. I'm liking it very much. Thanks all for putting up with all my newbie threads
  7. Ya i'm pretty sure I have slayer 2, cause I have XXL still is really crappy
  8. Ohhh I didn't realize there was a 2nd one, does XXL come with slayer 2?
  9. Hey do you know if Bela D studio b is compatible with Fl studio (i'm a noob and always will be)
  10. I checked out the Bela D Media guitars and the Studio B version sounds PERFECT...however it's $200 and i'm not gonna drop that kind of cash. So if you guys have any ideas for a cheaper or better yet FREE sample that would be great. And no sorry I don't play the guitar so thats not an option I can't tell you how CRAPPY fl studios slayer is UGH!!!
  11. actually recording instruments would the be least i'd use this mic for. Most importantly is to have it good for a boom mic, and second for vocals. hmmmph, would need to be able to fit on a pole too. Thanks for the replies
  12. I'm actually looking for a mic that can be used for multiple purposes. 1) Possible attachment to a boom mic 2) Vocals for narration and music 3) General instruement recording. Basically for something of this nature it would have to be directional, so that it doesn't pick up sounds behind the mic. Something that they would use in boom mics for filming movies. I remember doing some research on this many years ago and almost bought a shure microphone. But I wasn't "shure" which model it was hee hee. Any advice would be excellent. Thanks!
  13. So DZ, when you compose a piece where you want 3 trumpet players playing different notes at the same time... Do you have to create 3 different instances of JABB and record each one seperately? That would be extremely annoying to do. I want to be able to record all 3 at the same time so I can play chords... It might not sound perfect but it's how i've been recording stuff forever. The Fluid trumpets allow me to do that, and it's so much easier to write music that way. Is the GPO the same way with strings, one note at a time? Or is it more like Cadenza strings where I can play up to 4 at a time in one instance? I hope that makes sense, I don't know much about music terms or any of the technology used.
  14. Ya I got it to work.... lets just say I have some free soundfonts from hammersound that sound better than this Garritan big band one. Although the guitar and piano are really nice, the horns just sound very, very midi'ish and i'll continue to use the french horns from fluid heh... It only lets me play one note at a time too which really sucks. Lately i've been messing around with ambience and tracks for a movie my friends are making hah. Hows it going with you? Is soundtempest ever going to come back ?
  15. Heya Zircon! thanks for reply, wow you're a judge here now nice, nice
  16. I'm thinking of purchasing the Garritan Personal Orchestra but it said that i'd need a sound card that is compatible with Kontakt. Does anyone have any good recommendations? The sound card i'm using right now is a Creative Audigy card. Thanks!
  17. I really appreciate the tips. I'm leaning towards a good mic so that I can record accoustic too...only one big problem though...my computer is a freaking leafblower and will def pick up on any mic heh...
  18. Do you have a guitar only? Yes. Do you have an amp for the guitar? Yes, but it doesn't have any outputs. Does the guitar have an output (1,4" jack). Yes Is the output (if you have one) titled DI or not? Not labled What audiocard do you use? Soundblaster live 5.1 Thanks guys!
  19. I've always been a noob when it comes to all this electronic stuff I just want to be able to hook up my guitar to my PC so I can do some recordings. It's a really old guitar with the standard input / output any idea how I could get that to fit into my soundcard? If so what program would be good for an amp? Thanks!
  20. Darn, well I appreciate the help however no one is seeding that piano torrent
  21. Can anyone please seed that 230 mb piano harpischord from here http://www.studio-compyfox.de/torrent/ (down at the bottom) Thanks
  22. Hmm sorry to be the board moron but I tried searching for this SF thread with no luck
  23. Doing good "SF2 is pretty much dead also in terms of purchasing." May I ask why? I don't really follow much when it comes to technology, I just like to play. *edit* oops you mention GIGA and another format. I take it they are professional grade. Are there many or any free quality gigas etc? Thanks!
  24. heya overcoat! I remember you from soundtempest No I don't mind paying as long as its not something outrageous like my right arm for one note.
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