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  1. Best 150.000$ ever spent! :'D It's hard to pick a favourite among so much awesome, but I'm gonna go with "Godfrey Kai - Supreme Power"!
  2. Greetings. I have been lurking around here for a decade or so, one of my fans over at Facebook told me I should really post my Xmas album here and I have no clue why I didn't do so before. So here it is: "SNES XX" is a 6 CD, 6+ hour orchestral compilation with the music of 20 Super Nintendo titles that were part of my youth to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PAL Super Nintendo. I know that some tracks could be better and the mastering definitely needs improvement, but I had was short on time, it took me around 3 months of hard work to do this and have it ready for a Xmas release. Links, videos and info below: DOWNLOAD: https://cloudpt.pt/link/f9b0df4f-e491-4b07-868f-d3aecf9d8ff6/Shiryu-SNESXX.zip TRAILER: YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShiryuGL/videos?query=SNES+XX vgmDB: http://vgmdb.net/album/36949 Feedback always welcome, feel free to drop your thoughts in here or over my Facebook page (link is in the sig). Hope you enjoy and this brings you fond memories. =)
  3. He he, what timing, you had to release you project the same day I released mine, an alternative OST to Wii's Excite Truck. Im only writing now, because I have only finished listening to the 4 CDs a few minutes ago, it is truly amazing work from everyone, and since im a big Zircon fan, it was pure melodic heaven for me. Congratulations, you are truly an inspiration to us all. I somehow feel old, since I've been a regular OCR visitor ever since version 1 and looking back at all those gigabytes of MP3 I have downloaded in all these years from you and for free, truly makes me grateful. Thank you all. v PS: Electro Truck EX thread
  4. The donwload link is right on the top, here you go, its on Megaupload: Shiryu - Electro Truck EX Will have a http link by tomorrow, will update the first post with it once its available. Sorry about the slow videos, im still uploading them to youtube, but the site is being hammered right now, and theres nothing I can do about that. Thanks for your interest. =)
  5. Hello all, Decided to stop my usual lurking to drop here the announcement of the release of my latest project: Electro Truck EX. If you have a Wii and this game, you know that you can use your own MP3 as OST by using your SD Card. So, since im part of the "Wipeout Generation", I decided to grab a couple of weeks from my vacation and did 8 songs to play along with the game (7 tracks + a intro song). You can find the end result on the website below: Electro Truck EX Offical Website And please, don't expect anything professional, this is just a very compulsive hobby to me. v Update: Direct link download.
  6. This is an excelent piece of remix if i've ever heard one. So good in fact, im playing Super Double Dragon as I type this. Any remix that makes me go back to the roots, is a good one indeed. Congratulations, Paragonx9 !
  7. Impressive ! Too bad, i'm sure most people are not familiar with the original game, but im sure even those will be able to apreciate this wonderfull piece. Makke, I salute you. Now, i'm sure theres a sniper on that village over there... let's send Weaver 1st.
  8. Hats off to you, Miss(es) Peacecraft, for the wonderfull idea. I am forever noob on Fruity Loops, but I sure learn a lot from those OC Threads and the official FL site. Looking forward to see more of that FAQ.
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