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  1. Wasn't there also a Super Dodge Ball for GBA? It was a launch title, none of which I bought; I wish I had now, after playing the NES original.

    Yes there was and it was a launch tittle, I still play it today even though that one was laughably easy

    It's easier than the NES version? Wow.. After playing through Tournament mode once on easy and playing Bean Ball once on all three modes (never won any of them), I was able to get all the way to Team Japan before losing (hard mode).

  2. on another unrelated topic...

    no one answered my question....... who wants to get owned in Super Dodge Ball? neo geo version or nes version...? I'm the king of these games.

    Wasn't there also a Super Dodge Ball for GBA? It was a launch title, none of which I bought; I wish I had now, after playing the NES original.

    Hey, I might want to take you up on that offer. My wireless internet connection is really unstable though, so it probly won't work out for me.. oh well

  3. Seriously, Rayza... where did you get that sample from?

    Yeah, now you got me all curious-like.

    I picked it... if you wanna hazard a guess... go for it! i'll announce it on ohhhhhhhhhhh sayyyyyyyyy... thursday :)


    (spoiler alert!) McVaffe - LiquidMario (Super Mario 64) (/spoiler)

    Oh, and sorry for misspelling your name, "Rayzo" =P

  4. Okay, I've played through again, and I've decided.

    I will do an ambient remix of Team Iceland's bgm.

    Now I need to track down an NSF (that I can open =P) to help me in the transposing process. Once I have that (which should give me time to work on some other songs), I will begin working on my Iceland mix.

  5. You know... I think vgdj should interview wingless. Have it be a "one-on-one" intimate interview with Aurora ala 20/20 or some crap, &... BAM! Best show ever... EVER!!!

    Quoted for emphasis. This would make an amazing special.

    Speaking of specials:

    1)Clip Contest was brilliant. Excellent work rayzo

    2)Have you done anything with the promos I sent you yet? Just wondering

  6. Finally played through the game, heard the whole soundtrack. Excellent stuff on both ends.

    I'm thinking of doing either All-Stars or Iceland. I have no idea how I would approach All-Stars given the theme of the project, so I'll probably take Iceland, which might be better suited for one of my ambient remixes.

    So that's what I've narrowed it down to.. if anyone has a suggestion or problem as to my choice I'd be glad to hear them.

    More on that later.

  7. Not cool.. NSFe doesn't work with Meridian Advance, it seems.

    I'll try whatever plugin I use with winamp, but while I'm doing that, I might as well throw this out:

    How do I open NSFe?

    [EDIT: Nosefart didn't work either. Maybe I'll just look for a ROM. I hope I can listen to this.. I'd really like to help out with this and I think I can.]

  8. Sharksword? More like Noise-Sword. Wowz. I'd almost like constant noise better than it on and off with that noise gate :/.

    Good show though :).

    Yeah this MIC is so old. I need a better one.

    Meh. I can't really complain about your mic quality; it sounded alright to me. Rama's mic, on the other hand... seriously, what is up with the poor sound quality in the rama report? I don't have anything against the segment otherwise..

    Hey, why not make a store at cafepress to sell VGDJ t-shirts? OCR t-shirts seem to go well when they're in stock. It would be a nice way to pay for server space (or a new mic for rama =P).

  9. I don't know if its perfect, tho... heh.

    Ok fine. You clip really bad at times. Turn down your microphone gain. (see episode 6)

    There, I said it.

    Hey, speaking of episode 6, I had an idea for a promo. It's still kind of foggy, but I'll try to pull something together real soon.

    Do you have anything in particular you want to include in the promo? Like the "This is VGDJ" vocoder thing from your intro or something?

  10. Haha, I love you guys

    aand I voted while PCA was still up today![/noob]

    Yeah, so I started listening.. I'm up through episode 3 and starting 4 right now, and I'm really liking this. Excellent work, I wish you both the best of luck. Maybe you'll be playing one of my own songs someday.. yikes, crazy thoughts there

    Aurora, you have a very pretty voice. It's perfect for radio.

  11. Addendum:

    First person to make either





    Wanna collab?


    Oh, and I subscribed finally! Yay!

    Now I don't feel guilty voting at Podcast Alley for a podcast I haven't even heard yet! Double yay!

  12. man, we need more mixers on this thing

    I'm thinking about getting on board this project.. currently I'm working on OCRI round 4, a cover/remix as a birthday present for a friend, and a few other things as well. I've never played SDB, but if you need somebody to fill a position, I'll do all I can.

    Keep me posted.

  13. If I may be so bold, check out "Zebesian Graveyard" and "Hearsay" among others.

    I personally would like to suggest "Brinstar Overgrowth Harmony". This was quite possibly the song that got me hooked on SOC.

    Other favorite (slightly more obscure) SOC moments of mine include "Himashi Nayami", "UNATCOAT", and "Omega".

    But I agree, if you had to pick something that would go down well with most people, "Zebesian Graveyard" and "Hearsay" would prolly be it.

  14. It's about time.

    This is possibly the best remix SOC has ever put out. I've had this since its initial release at VGMix. My only complaint (a suggestion, rather) is that the synth flute feels incomplete; with some trippy panning tricks it would be perfect. [EDIT: I'm using the VGMix version as reference; I don't know if it's been fixed here yet.]

    Welcome to OCR, OverCoat.

  15. Oh yes. This one's definitely a keeper. I personally like the intro a lot. At least, until 0:13, where the mixer adds in drums and a new instrument. I think he should have held out on those until the mix "started" circa 0:30. Apart from that, nice work.

    As a final note, I want this guy's synths/samples.

    [EDIT: I almost forgot my other final remark.. Blind would be proud. He truly is dah bomb.]

  16. I am. Yay. Good thing my birthday is the 11th...makin my parents pay for it :).

    Yeah, forget the alcohol. Reason 3.0 is all you need for a 21st birthday! :)

    Well Reason probably won't come for a few days after its release, so the booze will tide me over. :D

    Who knows, maybe it will even give you some inspiration. I can only imagine what putting a drunken sgx in a music studio would churn out.. =P

    Anyway, happy birthday sgx. You will certainly be the envy of all of us.

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